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Berlin Partner for Business and Technology offers special service packages that are designed to fit your company's individual needs. Our offerings range from customized project proposals and subsidization concepts for government incentive programs, to support with real-estate searches and assistance in recruiting qualified specialists. Berlin Partner establishes valuable contacts between economy and science, provides for technology transfer and consults companies on their international projects.

  • Business Location Package

The direct way to your new locationBusiness Location Package

We assist you in preparing your search profile, research suitable property and take you on real estate tours. Learn more now in our real-estate portal!
Business Location Package

  • Business Financing Package

Funding programs for investment and innovationBusiness Financing Package

We will find the right solutions for you as regards the financing of your venture and the economic development funding available! We will examine which eligibility criteria you fulfill and will mediate contacts with financing and technology partners.
Business Financing Package

  • Business Talent Package

Skilled specialists for your jobsBusiness Talent Package

We will help you identify and recruit employees. Our services range from our network of personnel agencies to our job portal.
Business Talent Package

  • Business Innovation Package

Collaboration in research to foster innovationBusiness Innovation Service

With the Business Innovation Package, we identify your technology requirements during the course of a meeting and connect you with the appropriate experts from science.
Business Innovation Package

  • Business International Package

Successful, international collaboration starting in BerlinBusiness International Package

Through the Business International Package, we assist you in your search for partners in Europe and take you along to selected international tradefairs.
Business International Package

Why Berlin?

Dr. Oliver Sadlek

»We very consciously chose Berlin. This booming metropolis offers an innovative company such as SPMSD and its employees a highly attractive and inspiring environment. As a pharmaceutical company, it is no ordinary endeavor for us to move from our traditional location to a new one. Therefore, the support we received from Berlin Partner for Business and Technology to select a site and relocate our employees, as well as the funding advice, was very helpful.«

Dr. Oliver Sadlek, CEO, Sanofi Pasteur MSD