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Transport, mobility and logistics

With the concept of intelligent networking of the various modes of transport, the capital region is promoting economical and environmentally friendly solutions.

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New markets are emerging, and with them a growing demand for innovative products and services. The Berlin region links Western and Eastern Europe. The German capital is one of Europe's most dynamic economic regions.

Ideas are born and realized in Berlin that will preserve our society's mobility long into the future by ensuring that it is both sustainable and economically viable. In Berlin, major global players and new companies alike partner with universities and innovative research alliances that include systems providers, suppliers and service providers.

Why Berlin?

„Berlin is the ideal location for our company to attract highly qualified staff in an international, dynamic environment. Considering the innovative startup scene in the area of mobility and versatile support offered by Berlin Partner, it was an easy decision to relocate our headquarters from London to Berlin.“

Balázs Szabó
Balázs Szabó CEO, Konetik GmbH

The Automotive Industry and its Suppliers

Proximity to the European growth markets and leading automakers, as well as the numerous Intelligent Mobility Test Fields, make the region an important market for the automotive industry.

The German capital is the only city in Germany where the three leading German automakers – BMW, Mercedes-Benz AG and Volkswagen – have all established locations. Important R&D activities and high-quality manufacturing exist side by side in Berlin, creating a unique concentration of know-how.

New Mobility Concepts

Berlin's strength in the digital economy has meant that major players in the automotive industry and a number of startups are developing new ideas for electric mobility in a large number of on-going projects. Topics such as software-defined vehicles, artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality and automated driving play an important role.

Berlin offers excellent conditions for testing new concepts in such fields as electrical logistics, networked micro mobility with new, smaller vehicles, and innovative charging technologies. 

Since 2010, the Berlin-based Agency for Electromobility eMO has been supporting the mobility transition in the capital region by acting as a central point of contact helping to coordinate and implement best practice solutions on a sustainable basis. Its goal is a networked, automated, shared, largely electrified and socially, economically, and ecologically sustainable mobility. 

Berlin - an Aerospace Center

The Aerospace Industry is a key industry in Germany's capital region. Aviation service providers are increasingly realizing the attractiveness of the region. It is largely determined by the core companies easyjet, the "top dog" Rolls-Royce Germany, and numerous up-and-coming startups in the field of drones and new space (commercial space travel).

Berlin - a Center for Logistics

Berlin offers optimal conditions for logistics firms, regardless of whether they operate nationally or internationally: four freight haulage centers (Güterverkehrszentren - GVZ) with comprehensive infrastructure, an exceptionally developed rail network and inland waterways.

The Technical University of Berlin (Technische Universität zu Berlin) is one of Europe's foremost centers of education and research in the field of logistics. The expertise available there is complemented by the presence of prominent companies that develop and market a broad spectrum of logistics and telematics services worldwide.

Rail Technology from Berlin

Berlin is recognized across the globe as a center for rail technology. The sector is a pillar of the city’s economy and is one of the region's top industrial employers. Companies that range from mid-sized suppliers to major corporations cover the entire value chain.

A number of important rail industry companies are based in Berlin, including Alstom, Siemens Mobility, Stadler Deutschland, Thales Transportation, Knorr Bremse and Elpro Verkehrstechnik.

Intelligent transport system solutions from the capital region

Established companies specialized in intelligent transport systems such as IVU Traffic Technologies, Hella Aglaia and IAV develop innovative hardware and software solutions that cover the key components of modern mobility concepts in the capital city.

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Transport, mobility and logistics

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