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Music industry

The music industry continues to set its sights on Berlin. The city's pull on the music industry is unbroken! Digital trends are breaking new ground for music in the capital.

approx. 1,500
approx. 15,000
approx. 1.1 bn. €
annual turnover

(Source: Senate Department for Economics, Energy and Public Enterprises - data from 10/2020)

Berlin's music industry brings together the three major labels (Sony, Universal, Warner Music), indie publishers and innovative start-ups. More than 12 percent of the German music industry is based in the capital. Nowhere else in Germany do more people make a living from music and form an international uniquely diverse music scene.

Facts and figures

  • Headquarters of Universal Music Deutschland, Deutsche Entertainment AG (DEAG), Euro Arts, Sony Music Entertainment / ATV Music Publishing, Viacom International Media Networks, Warner Music Group Germany Holding GmbH and more than 500 independent-labels
  • Creative music scene as a driving force for the music industry with innovative start-ups such as Voicd.FM, COLORSxSTUDIOS and Endel Sound
  • Closely integrated music and technology scenes with companies such as Ableton, Native Instruments, MAGIX, Holoplot and MSM Studios
  • 250 venues and clubs, 10 renowned orchestras, 2 concert halls, 4 opera houses, 4 musical and revue theaters, 100 classical ensembles and 880 choirs
  • 1,000 rock/pop bands, 1,000 jazz musicians and 1,200 DJs
  • 73 national and international television stations, 57 radio and web music providers, as well as the various music magazines of the city guarantee fast, widespread dissemination of creative ideas (e.g. DISMARC Metastore and the Berlin Music Library ).
  • “Capital of Talent”: approximately 3,200 students with a focus on music as well as over 40.000 pupils attending 155 music schools

The city is a magnet for composers, musicians and DJs from all areas of music. The wide range of professional recording studios (e.g. Hansa Studios and TRIXX Studios) makes Berlin the ideal production location and its proximity to the many music events allows companies to adopt trends quickly. Berlin is considered the capital of electronic sound and techno.

Why Berlin?

„A shining national music scene, creative minds and international stars that love the city. As a market leader, we profit from Berlin's endless potential and we're set to generate even more musical highlights in the future.“

Frank Briegmann
Frank Briegmann President & CEO of Universal Music Germany

Music and the media

Radio and television

  • Seven television broadcasters produce their programming in Berlin
  • Viacom International Media Networks (VIMN)
  • 39 radio stations, 19 of them headquartered in Berlin
  • Information channels and multicultural programs
  • 73 national and international television stations
  • 57 radio and web music broadcasters and services

Local music scene on regional and national television

  • Rundfunk Berlin Brandenburg (RBB) Berlin
  • TV. Berlin
  • ALEX
  • Offener Kanal Berlin
  • MTV Music Television from Berlin

Music magazines in Berlin (selection)


Industry map

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Berlin's music industry

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