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Berlin and its creative potential offer the best conditions for innovation and growth.

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Investitionsbank Berlin (IBB) is the primary provider of economic development funding and financing in the Land of Berlin. The main subsidy and incentive programs for business and real estate offered by the Land of Berlin are centrally organized with IBB. It promotes investments and other projects with reduced interest loans, non-repayable grants, equity capital and free consulting.

The investment bank was founded in 1993 as the central point of contact for the economic development funding and incentive programs offered by the Land of Berlin. It took over the function of Wohnungsbau-Kreditanstalt Berlin (WBK), which was founded in 1924 as Wohnungsfürsorge-Gesellschaft Berlin mbH. IBB was charged with continuing WBK's housing programs while adding programs to support small- and mid-sized companies in order to accelerate structural change in Berlin's economy. In September of 2000, the Berlin House of Representatives (Berliner Abgeordnetenhaus) resolved to expand IBB into the development bank of the Land of Berlin providing state aid to the city’s economy. This cleared the path for establishing a comprehensive, integrated program of economic development funding and investment incentives within IBB.

Today, IBB offers programs promoting investment, technology and entrepreneurship. It also provides liquidity assistance. Its real estate programs promote home ownership and the construction of rental housing as well as the modernization and rehabilitation of Berlin's existing housing stock. IBB's customer center is the first stop for investors seeking advice in Berlin. Specialists focusing on economic and real estate subsidy programs advise investors which incentive programs and assistance measures their projects might qualify for.

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