Why Berlin?

As a regional cooperative bank, our heart beats in and for Berlin. We are committed to business in this city.

Jörg Widhalm, Berliner Volksbank

© background image: KSV Krüger Schuberth Vandreike Planung und Kommunikation GmbH

Berliner Volksbank eG

With total assets of about EUR 17.3 billion, Berliner Volksbank eG is one of the largest cooperative banks in Germany and manages retail and corporate customers in Berlin and Brandenburg.

The business model originally founded as a collaboration between craftsmen and traders has been in operation for more than 160 years. It embodies values which are now more relevant than ever: fairness, expertise, security and reliability. "What one person alone cannot achieve can be achieved by the many" - the Berliner Volksbank of today is still committed to this cooperative principle of Friedrich Wilhelm Raiffeisen.  

More than 217,000 members of Berliner Volksbank share in this cooperative spirit, which has secured the regional bank's position in the long term in its commitment to work for the benefit of people and the local economy.

Together with its partners in the cooperative financial network, Berliner Volksbank offers its customers an extensive portfolio of modern financial services and competent and individual advice. Companies and founders in the region appreciate the benefits of their cooperative bank, which provides services for start-ups, expansion financing and deals with specific succession issues. Other features also include a growing portfolio of mobile and digital services, including app, online and telephone banking.

With special offers such as online seminars, Berliner Volksbank promotes commercial SMEs and opens up attractive networks in the region. For example, the bank hosts the contact evening of the business plan competition.  In addition, Berliner Volksbank supports numerous projects to open up entrepreneurial and creative opportunities for the future.

Berliner Volksbank focuses on its customers. As a cooperative bank, the economic success of its members is its ultimate goal.

Berliner Volksbank eG
Wittestraße 30 R
13509 Berlin
+49 30 3063-0