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Talent Service

We support you in all HR issues as part of your investment project.

The right professionals for your jobs

With almost two million people in employment, Berlin is Germany’s largest labor market and talent pool. Every year, several tens of thousands of (inter)national talented people move to the city. More than 190,000 young professionals study here, and more than 30,000 graduates enter the job market each year. We support you in making optimum use of this potential.

What is part of the Talent Service?

You would like to settle or grow in Berlin? We, Berlin Partner for Business and Technology, the Berlin economic development agency, give you a comprehensive overview of the availability of skilled workers, wages, and salaries. We show you how to find the right talent, and how to retain it. We support you in recruiting until your positions are filled and the employees have arrived in Berlin.

In the context of operational change situations with organizational and individual qualification needs, we advise on offers and funding opportunities. We put you in contact with the right actors to implement the personnel development measures.

We care.

We discuss your plans and vacancies together and provide youwith market-neutral information on talent availability, target group-specific approaches, and potential recruiting tools. In addition, we support you in applying for work permits for your non-EU employees and ensure that your new employees settle in well here in Berlin with our welcome offers.

Our services for you

Recruiting Support

  • Data on availability of skilled workers, wages, qualifications, and languages
  • Support with your recruiting strategy
  • Instructions for creating jobs advertisements and the selection of communication channels and platforms appropriate for your target audience
  • Publication of your job offers on our Job Portal and via social media
  • Advice in approaching talented people across Europe via the EURES network (European Employment Services) and its free job exchange and career fairs
  • Contacts in our strong network of potential recruiting partners
  • Access to Career Services and alumni offices of the universities

Welcome Offers

  • BIS – assistance in applying for residence permits for talent from non-EU States
  • Welcome packages and bus tours with initial information about Berlin for your new employees
  • Guide and checklists for new Berliners at the Talent Portal
  • For relocations to Berlin: Presentation about Berlin for the staff at the previous company headquarters

Personnel Marketing

  • Publication of your job offers on our Job Portal
  • Visibility as a Berlin employer in the industry presentations on - supports employer branding in the region
  • Short videos introducing appealing jobs at Berlin companies
  • Promotion of your recruiting events via and our social media channels

Why Berlin?

„As one of the leading cultural centres in the world Berlin has an unrivalled ability to attract diverse people from all walks of life, allowing them to pursue their dreams. The city thrives on acceptance and distinguishes itself through not only the diversity of quality talent available but also how it serves as a gateway to other markets. Attracting the right talent is about having steady access to qualified digital experts and giving them more than a job but an environment conducive to work life integration. At the heart of all successful growth is culture, no city has a better track record of preserving and letting culture thrive than Berlin. The secret sauce setting the city apart with regards to hiring digital talent, this is the place where dreams scale and hiring thrives as all it takes is an exciting project.“

Mo Moubarak
Mo Moubarak Head of Business Development MoBerries
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