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Investing in Germany

Germany's central location in Europe gives investors access to the entire market of the European Union as well as the markets of Central and Eastern Europe.

Advantages of doing business in Germany

Germany is becoming increasingly attractive as a location for business in international comparison. The restructuring of the East German economy according to market principles has created a new dynamic nature and innovative spirit. Germany has become the center of Europe. As an economically important member state of the European Union, Germany stands for innovation, advanced technologies and high levels of productivity.

At the center of Europe
Germany's central location within Europe gives investors access to the entire market of the European Union as well as the markets of Central and Eastern Europe.

The most important market in Europe
With the highest GNP and the largest population in the European Union, Germany is Europe's most important market.

Leader in growth industries
Germany is a leader in modern information and communications technologies and boasts an infrastructure that is virtually without parallel in the European Union.

Services for investors
Germany offers investors efficient and unbureaucratic support for their plans to establish new locations here. The organizations charged with administering economic development assistance offer robust support and help companies search for locations, recruit personnel and secure funding.

Political system of the Federal Republic of Germany

Long-term stability and the ability to plan ahead are important factors when deciding whether to invest or pursue other economic engagement in a given region.

Germany has a state infrastructure that functions extremely well, while ensuring social order and creating a level playing field across the entire country.

Social welfare system of the Federal Republic of Germany

Guaranteeing the welfare of individuals is a primary focus for the German political system. Social security is fundamental for a high quality of life. The welfare state is based on the principles of solidarity and individual responsibility. Germany's social safety is based on a network of laws in all of the states designed to provide security for individuals in case of sickness, disability and old age as well as policies that provide allowances for dependent children and housing.

Associations and interest groups in Germany

After the Federal Government relocated from Bonn to Berlin, many large German associations have followed suit by moving their headquarters to the new capital on the Spree. As the seat of the Federal Government and many of the country's most important industry and trade groups, Berlin is a political and economic center in Germany.

Federal and state taxes

The taxes collected by the state allow it to fulfill its responsibility of promoting the public good in fields such as social welfare, education, infrastructure and healthcare. Accordingly, the measures taken under tax policy contribute to the promotion of investment and to improving Germany's competitiveness in the global economy.

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