Extracurricular Education

Music schools

Each of Berlin's twelve districts has a music school. Their programs are directed at children, youths and adults. The decentralized organizational structure, with numerous teaching facilities throughout each city district, ensures access to tailored courses available close to home.

Music schools traditionally cooperate with schools on projects and events. Since the introduction of all-day schools in Berlin, music schools and schools have intensified their cooperation in order to offer all-day instruction and supervision. The music schools have coordinated with school administrators to provide music instruction during the afternoon at about 100 schools.

Sports clubs

Berlin promotes the cooperation between schools and sports organizations. Many all-day schools in Berlin offer supplemental physical education, team sports and games as well as individual sports programs. These programs are considered part of the school's curriculum and are intended to promote the social, health and personal development of children.

Community education centers

The Community Education Centers in each of Berlin's 12 boroughs offer a selection of courses on topics like languages, health, art and computer science. These institutions, known as "people’s schools" (Volkshochschulen) offer knowledge and skills at a low cost.