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The cross-sectional technology of robotics is already being used in numerous companies in the Berlin-Brandenburg capital region.

Robotics is becoming increasingly important in industry and many areas of society. Berlin is very well positioned with over 60 robotics companies, a large number of research institutions and industrial companies using it. These include leading technology providers such as Gestalt Robotics, Klero or pi4_robotics.

We, Berlin Partner für Wirtschaft und Technologie GmbH, the Berlin Business Development Agency, organize networking meetings where this robotics community meets regularly. The aim of this open platform is to exchange ideas with players from other sectors and to tackle innovation projects together. In particular, Artificial Intelligence has become an integral part of meetings and robotics. This enables robots to decide between several alternative courses of action and to work even more precisely. Feel free to contact us to find out more about the network meetings.

Main topics in the capital region are:

  • Industrial robotics and automation
  • Care & Health
  • Software & Machine Learning

Why Berlin?

„We thought for a long time which location is the right one for us as a robotics startup and finally we decided on Berlin. We appreciate the diverse and open culture that makes it easy for new employees to settle in quickly and we benefit greatly from the constantly growing community in the field of robotics and AI. I was surprised by the overwhelming encouragement and support we received from the community, and by the benefits that the Berlin location has already brought us with potential customers and employees. I am happy to be an active part of this scene and to grow with it.“

Elisa Czerski
Elisa Czerski CEO | Founder, N Robotics GmbH

Practical research and technology transfer

In the areas mentioned, the four universities and other R&D institutes are researching new solutions and strengthening the regional economy. Here are three example projects:

  • The Mercedes-Benz Digital Factory Campus works with partners from the region on applied robotics that enable production lines to operate more energy-efficiently.
  • As part of the EU project TEF-Health, the Charité is examining innovative approaches from Artificial Intelligence and robotics in healthcare in order to bring them to market more quickly.
  • The Palm-E project, a language model combined with a visual model, is being implemented at the Technische Universität Berlin together with Google. The model allows a robot equipped with a gripper arm and camera to execute commands such as “Bring me the rice chips from the drawer.”

Current contributions to research projects can be found on the Robotics.Berlin website.

New innovations come onto the market at regular intervals. Examples of the diverse startup ecosystem are:

  • BEARCOVER has created Oscar, a night shift worker who supports care staff in nursing homes
  • Continuum Innovation has developed an ultra-flexible robotic arm
  • ConBotics is working on a painting robot for the construction industry
  • N Robotics develops highly specific robotic solutions
  • Micropsi Industries has developed an Artificial Intelligence that enables industrial robots to deal with variances

Selection of research institutions

Training and professionals

These and other educational institutions are constantly working to meet the growing need for skilled workers:

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