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Center for world class biotechnology

As a biotech region, Berlin ranks among the leaders in Europe.

Biotechnology is an important driver of innovation in the Berlin-Brandenburg health region. The industry is experiencing steady growth and a high start-up dynamic.

Many of the biotech companies were founded by local universities and research institutions. The particular focus here is so-called "red biotechnology," which involves the application of biotechnology to pharmaceuticals and the practice of medicine. Of the 255 biotech companies with approximately 6,260 employees in the region, almost 80% work in biomedicine. They are developing innovative therapeutic and diagnostic methods for the treatment of cancer, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes, and benefit from the region's strengths in science and research and its infrastructure for clinical trials.

These local conditions and level of expertise make the capital region attractive for global pharmaceutical companies that can develop and produce innovative products here.

Why Berlin?

„We founded OMEICOS Therapeutics on the base of research results, generated at the Max-Delbrück-Center for Molecular Medicine. Our continuous close collaboration with MDC and other partners in Berlin is of great value for OMEICOS’ success. As pioneers in the field of synthetic omega-3 epoxyeicosanoid analogs, we are developing small molecules for cardiovascular and ophthalmic indications.“

Dr. Karen Uhlmann
Dr. Karen Uhlmann Director Legal Corporate & Operations OMEICOS Therapeutics GmbH

To name but a few examples, successful companies that are located in Berlin are:

  • 3B Pharmaceuticals,
  • Epigenomics,
  • Experimental Pharmacology and Oncology Berlin-Buch GmbH (EPO),
  • Glycotope,
  • JPT Peptide Technologies,
  • Omeicos Therapeutics
  • ProBioGen,
  • SCIENION and
  • T-Knife
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The healthcare industries in the capital region

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