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An innovative hub of pharmaceutical manufacturers

Companies from the pharmaceutical industry benefit from an excellent research and clinical landscape in Berlin as a pharmaceutical location.

The sustainable success of the pharmaceuticals industry in Berlin-Brandenburg is based on a history of innovative products going back to the 19th century. Global players such as Bayer, Berlin-Chemie (Menarini), Pfizer, Sanofi, and Takeda as well as about 30 pharmaceutical SMEs are based in Berlin-Brandenburg and employ around 11,000 people.

The industry benefits from

  • an excellent scientific and clinical environment
  • the biotech expertise in the region
  • proximity to the decision-makers for the German healthcare system
  • the central geographical location of the German capital region with good access to Western, Central, and Eastern European markets
  • the close connection between research, development, and clinical practice
  • well established translational research
  • excellent infrastructure for technology transfer
  • numerous options for clinical trials

With a large and diverse patient population and 145 hospitals, the Berlin-Brandenburg region makes all types of clinical research projects possible.

Why Berlin?

„The Berlin-Brandenburg metropolitan area is a unique place inside the German healthcare sector. Nowhere else in Germany will you find a comparable concentration of world class science, hospitals and industry. This cross-functional cluster turns the German capital region into a true magnet for healthcare investments in Europe.“

Stefan Oelrich
Stefan OelrichMember of the Board of Management
President Pharmaceuticals
Bayer AG

#1 site for clinical trials in Germany

Berlin has the most clinical trials in Germany (as of 2016). The driver is above all the Charité, Germany's largest and most renowned university hospital, and it subsidiary the Charité Research Organisation (CRO). Early clinical studies from first time in human (FTIH) testing to proof of concept (PoC) as well as complex clinical trials with a translational approach in many therapeutic areas are its main focus. Around 20 other clinical research organisations are located in the capital region (including Parexel).

Pharmaceutical companies in the capital region

There are currently more than 30 pharmaceuticals companies in the capital region.

Global playersSuccessful medium-sized pharmaceutical companies
  • Bausch + Lomb
  • Bayer
  • BERLIN-CHEMIE (Menarini Group)
  • Pfizer
  • Sanofi
  • Takeda
  • Aristo Pharma
  • DR. KADE
  • Heyl chemisch pharmazeutische Fabrik
  • Klosterfrau Berlin
  • NextPharma
  • Esteve Pharmaceuticals
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The healthcare industries in the capital region

Use our interactive industry map to learn more about selected locations and available infrastructure - in 2D and in 3D.

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