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Co-working spaces and business center

With approx. 280 co-working spaces and business center, Berlin is a leader in Germany with many options for meeting the growing demand for flexible office space.

Co-working spaces and business center in Berlin

Use our overview map in 2D or 3D to find out more about selected locations and available infrastructure.

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In addition to startups and freelancers, established companies are using the flexible offers as the main work space for outsourced departments or project teams. For users, they represent an interesting alternative to conventional office space in closed rental units, mainly because of the flexibility, the provided technical infrastructure, but also because of the opportunities for networking within the community.

What is the difference between business center & co-working spaces?

Business centres

Arbeitsplatz in einem Business Center von SATELLITE OFFICE

  • The focus is on offices (between 8 and 50 m²)
  • Centre sizes under 3,000 m²
  • Meet German workplace guidelines (6‐8 m² per work station)
  • Service employees at front desk
  • Local telephone service
  • Post and parcel acceptance centrally on-site
  • No c/o address
  • Secretarial support
  • Personal greeting and recognition of customers
  • Event service and support
  • Virtual office solutions
  • Corporate headquarters solutions
  • Meeting rooms are often for groups no larger than 20 people
  • Customers generally seek privacy
  • Often a good permanent solution for companies with a small number of employees and for more conventional office users

Co-working spaces

Arbeitsplatz im Coworking Space von Microsoft Berlin

  • Focus on community, exchange, networking and cooperation
  • Very large centres up to 14,000 m²
  • Offer total solutions for companies
  • Large open areas with lounge and sofa furnishings
  • Large and small meeting rooms, bookable online
  • No secretarial service
  • Usually no telephone service (although sometimes in cooperation with a call centre)
  • Very interesting solutions for temporary project work or for companies that need spaces with flexible terms in addition to spaces with long-term leases  

(Sources: 2019er Global Coworking Survey; SATELLITE OFFICE, 2020)

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