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Startup capital Berlin

Berlin is Germany’s hotspot for founders and also capital for tech-investments. Entrepreneurs – and also potential entrepreneurs – find exactly the right environment here to implement and scale their business.

With around 40,000 business registrations per year and more than 500 startup companies per year, Berlin is undisputedly Germany's founder capital and is expanding its nationwide lead. The capital is particularly attractive to potential entrepreneurs in the creative and technology industries.

(Sources: Berlin-Brandenburg Statistics Office; German Startups Association, 2023)

Paris 5 Amsterdam 4 Barcelona 3 Berlin 2 London 1 The most popular startup hubs in Europe 2023 bn. € invested in startups, approx. 39 % of the venture capital invested throughout Germany approx. 2.4

(Sources: Startup Heatmap Report 2023; EY Startup-Barometer Deutschland, January 2024)

Favourable conditions for startups: Berlin attracts young, highly qualified people from all over the world. A high standard of living at a comparatively low cost, lively local communities with lots of networking opportunities, the active venture capital scene, and an international ambiance are just good reasons why young entrepreneurs would want to come to Berlin to turn their business ideas into realities.

Numerous national and international studies have identified Berlin as a leading global location for startups with extremely high growth potential.

Why Berlin?

„As an international, fast-growing Internet company, we believe that Berlin has precisely what we at Babbel are looking for: talented professionals from all over the world, a striving, startup community with excellent contacts along with a creative, future-orientated tech scene. Together with other companies, we have also benefited from Berlin’s global attraction as a charismatic metropolis because the city has triggered considerable attention among the international press and investors.“

Markus Witte, CEO and co-founder of Babbel
Markus Witte, CEO and co-founder of Babbel

What does Berlin offer entrepreneurs?

Berlin is the German leader in investments in startups: Of the six billion euros of venture capital that flowed into German startups in 2023, 39% (2.4 billion euros) went to startups in Berlin. Promising and well-established startups have emerged in recent years, such as Soundcloud, Mister Spex, Zalando, Helpling, Delivery Hero, Home24 and HelloFresh. 

(Source: EY Startup-Barometer, January 2024)

The state of Berlin initiated the Berlin Startup Unit together with partners from business, science and the startup scene. Seven initiatives are working together for the advancement of the startup capital Berlin.

Berlin Startup Map

StarterCenter IHK Berlin

When things start getting serious and you want to register your company or still have questions about starting a business, the Starter Center team of the Berlin Chamber of Industry and Commerce can help.

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