Visas and Work Permits

Nationals from non-EU countries are generally required to have a visa. However, nationals of countries for which the EU has lifted the visa requirement do not require a visa for visits of up to 90 days per six-month period. Here you can find more information.

The embassies and consulates general of the Federal Republic of Germany are responsible for issuing visas. Jurisdiction is based on the district in which the applicant resides. The visa application must be submitted by the applicant in person with all the necessary documents to the diplomatic mission at the place of residence.

As a rule, the diplomatic missions need 15 working days (three weeks) to decide on an application for a visa for a short-term stay. For a visa that entitles you to a longer-term stay or to take up employment, a processing time of several months must be expected.

Our service for investors: Business Immigration Service (BIS)

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