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The Berlin club scene - sustainable and innovative

Dancing and partying are part of the Berlin lifestyle.


Berlin is one of the largest club metropolises in the world. We met some of the players in the scene and learned that club culture and innovations are an excellent match for more sustainability.

In the video, Lutz from Clubcommission, Justyna from Birgit & Bier and Lena from Yaam talk about some projects.

Technological innovations that can be funded by the Berlin Noise Protection Fund ensure that the resident population and partygoers get on well together. For example, speakers are used that enable the sound at open air concerts to be focused very precisely on an area.

Berlin clubs are places that are full of energy. A lot of electricity is needed to dance the night away. Also here there are a lot of innovations which ensure that the music scene also makes its contribution to the city’s ambitious climate goals.

The Corona time was anything but easy for the clubs. But here, too, there were initiatives like UNITED WE STREAM, which ensured that the fun and the spirit carried on.

The first point of contact for club matters is the Berlin Clubcommission with a large number of initiatives and advisory services.

The Berlin club scene - sustainable and innovative