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Musical experiences in virtual worlds

Film, music and future technologies come together in Berlin


Berlin is a focal point of new digital media, which combine film, music, games and art in a new form. This interface has now diversified in many ways. This development is driven by the strong Berlin start-up scene and an excellent network of research institutions with outstanding expertise in the field of software development. The new technologies allow new forms of presentation and expression with innovative audiovisual effects. Specialized start-ups and creative studios work on countless productions from feature films to short video clips.

A particular strength lies in VR/AR/MR technologies, which are also summarized as XR technologies of an “extended reality”. XR combines real and virtually combined environments and relates them to each other in an innovative way. These offer new possibilities of artistic expression, not least for musicians.

The video gives an impression of the work of High Road Stories, a Berlin-based creative studio that implements immersive forms of storytelling. To do so, it uses, among other things, the technology from Volucap for the three-dimensional filming of people in motion. Its recent work in the music world includes Fantaventura, a VR based remake of the song and video “Tag am Meer” by the band DIE FANTASTISCHEN VIER. The result is a harmonious interplay of volumetric video recordings of the band, animations, 360° film and interactive sound. Another current project is the work with the composer and musician Martin Kohlstedt, who also has his say in the video.

Musical experiences in virtual worlds. Film, music and future technologies come together in Berlin.

XR in Berlin

As a cross-sector industry, the XR player landscape includes a multitude of diverse companies, freelancers, start-ups and research institutions. Research and development on XR is driven by renowned institutes (Fraunhofer and Max Planck), via practice-oriented universities (HTW and Beuth Hochschule) and universities (Technische Universität, Freie Universität and Charité Berlin) and especially in cooperation with large companies and SMEs. Scientific spin-offs are also constantly driving the transfer to business. Effective networking is ensured by, among others, the Virtual Reality Berlin-Brandenburg association (VRBB) and the corporate alliance MR4B (Mixed Reality for Business).

For more information on XR in Berlin, please visit the website of the Cluster ICT, Media and Creative Industries Berlin Brandenburg.