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#Berlinproduziert im Beat der Innovation

The sound of Berlin industry: DJ Sam Shure has captured and orchestrated it in a music video for be Berlin

Berlin's industry is diverse, innovative, digital - and has its own special sound. Sometimes it sounds metallic, sometimes it whirrs softly, sometimes it clangs, clacks and rattles. The rhythmic sound of the robots, gears and machines from Berlin's high-tech production facilities was recently produced for be Berlin by Berlin DJ Sam Shure as part of the campaign #Berlinproduziert. digital inspiriert, captured and interpreted using field recordings. The result is a music video that promotes Berlin's industry in an unusual way. A unique sound experiment.

Sound journey through a day in Berlin's industry

The video shows of a day in Berlin industry. It begins with the sunrise. The viewer's gaze glides over the Spree, the roofs of Berlin, the television tower. Birdsong and muted beats accompany the scenery.

DJ Sam Shure wanders through the scenery in a black hoodie as protagonist, sitting on bridges, wandering through tunnels, pulling mixer controls and turning buttons. In between there are insights into the factory halls of Berlin's industrial plants. Synchronously with Sam Shure, the workers in the industrial halls operate control consoles and displays, high-tech machines produce in digitally preset cycles until the sun sets again at the Mauerpark.

The artistically filtered soundscape of Berlin's industry sometimes sounds as filigree and powerful as the motorcycles from the BMW factory in Spandau, sometimes as efficient and harmonious as the building automation from Kieback&Peter, sometimes as sharp-sounding as the products from Gillette.

Electronic design of machine sounds

The project #Berlinproduziert im Beat der Innovation was an exciting experience not only for the Berlin industrial companies involved, but also for Sam Shure. "I find the connection between music and the industrial sector quite obvious," says the 23-year-old, who has a close artistic friendship with Oliver Koletzki: "The industrial sounds could be used in a variety of ways in audio production - for percussions, drums, atmosphere or effects, for example. The repetitive processes in machine production, for example of motors and elevators, have very rhythmic patterns, which I was able to adopt perfectly for the rhythm in the song".

Sam Shure, who has found his creative home in Berlin, combines electronic sound design with jazzy oriental influences in his music. He continuously develops his sound by adding new textures and layers. What surprised him most about the video project is that the sound of the machines and robots gives the piece a rather organic touch and hardly makes it sound digital.

Sam Shure is one of the rising stars in the Berlin electronic scene. His debut EP "Dumra" was signed in 2016 by Dirty Doering, the head of the Berlin house label Katermukke. In the meantime Shure also releases on other renowned Berlin labels such as Mukke, Bar 25 and Stil vor Talent. In Berlin clubs like Watergate, Sisyphos, Kater Blau, Ipse or Wilde Renate he is a welcome guest as a DJ. Sam Shure has toured internationally in the Netherlands, Spain, Monaco, Russia, Israel, Mexico and North America.

Making the potential of Berlin's industry visible

The music video #Berlinproduziert im Beat der Innovation is both the prelude and the heart of a new video campaign by #Berlinproduziert. digital inspiriert. The industry campaign of be Berlin was initiated in 2010 as part of the Masterplans Industriestadt Berlin. Objective: To make the great potential of Berlin's industry visible to the outside world. After all, global companies as well as solid, technology-driven SMEs work closely with the lively startup scene, a strong digital and creative economy and top-class research institutions in the capital city in a future-oriented manner. It is no coincidence that Berlin's industry is now considered a pioneer in many areas.

The project #Berlinproduziert im Beat der Innovation by Berlin Partner on behalf of the Berlin Senate. The campaign currently counts 16 Berlin industrial companies among its partners: Bayer, B. Braun Melsungen, Berliner Seilfabrik, BMW Motorrad Werk Berlin, BTB, Clean Tech Business Park Marzahn, Deutsche Bahn, Gillette, Kieback&Peter, Laserline, Osram, Otis, Pfizer, Siemens, Wall and Vattenfall.

A total of ten campaign partners were involved in the production of the video: Bayer, B. Braun Melsungen, BMW Motorrad Werk Berlin, BTB, Gillette, Kieback&Peter, Otis, Pfizer, Siemens and Wall.

Launch at the Berlin Urban Tech Summit

The music video will be shown for the first time as an opener of the panel "Modern Industry in Urban Space" at the Berlin Urban Tech Summit 2020, which is scheduled to take place online for the first time on September 2, 2020 from 9 a.m. to 4:15 p.m. Under the motto "Inner-city production using the example of Siemensstadt 2.0", Ramona Pop, Berlin's Senator for Economics, Energy and Public Enterprises, will virtually invite participants to Spandau in the new Siemensstadt. Cooperation partner of the conference is Siemens AG, one of the sound protagonists of the music video.

Afterwards, the video #Berlinproduziert im Beat der Innovation will be virally distributed via social media - right in the beat of innovation. (vdo)

More information: be.berlin/imbeatderinnovation


#Berlinproduziert im Beat der Innovation

Music meets Berlin Industry - Watch now!