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Why Berlin?

Christian Gisy

»ImmobilienScout24 began as a small start-up in Berlin more than 15 years ago. We have remained true to the city and have grown up here. As a digital company, we operate in a constantly changing market environment. We are always looking for highly qualified employees and are open to creative input, both of which are available to us in Berlin. We benefit from the diversity and energy of the city, which is the most important hotspot for the digital entrepreneur scene after London, the Silicon Valley and Tel Aviv.«

Christian Gisy, CEO and CFO of the Scout24 Group

10 reasons for working with the Berlin labor pool

Berlin offers:

1. High availability of technical specialists and executive staff
Scientists and researchers, engineers, executive staff and graduates from four universities and seventeen colleges of applied sciences are available on the job market.

2. High flexibility and excellence
Berlin has the highest ratio of researchers and academics (per capita) in Germany.

3. High productivity at low labor costs
Compared to other metropolitan regions, the labor costs in Berlin are lower by approximately 20% than those of other regions.

4. Multi-national workforce and foreign language competence
People from 186 nations live and work in Berlin, 23% of Berlin residents speak one foreign language, 36% speak two and 29% speak three foreign languages.

5. Specific subsidization promotes employment
Customized concepts and funding promote innovation, encourage investment, give wage cost incentives and develop employees’ skills and abilities.

6. Unique environment for science and research in all of Germany
The Adlershof city of science, technology and media, the Berlin-Buch Campus and many other inner-city technology centers provide exceptional conditions in which to develop new ideas and turn them into marketable products.

7. Efficient entrepreneur networks
The BLC connects companies und supports cooperations to improve performance.

8. The major political decision-making bodies of the country relocate to Berlin
Companies who settle in Berlin benefit from the proximity to the German Parliament, the government and the leading business and industrial associations of Germany.

9. Excellent traffic infrastructure
Regional and inner-city transit networks connect and provide access to the entire metropolitan area. It is the nexus of the major European routes that connect the largest single market in the western world.

10.  Quality of life
Berlin combines an attractive mix of urban living, cultural events, history, as well as nature and parks.

Companies applaud high availability of specialists

The city of Berlin enjoys an excellent reputation among corporations. It ranks first among the German Federal states, ahead of the Rhineland-Palatinate and Baden-Württemberg, in a ranking based on the establishment panel of the Institut für Sozialökonomische Strukturanalysen [Institute for Socio-economic Structural Analysis], for which 16,000 companies throughout Germany were surveyed. Berlin was lauded for having the greatest appeal for employees, an excellent environment for research and science, and top connections to transport infrastructure. Berlin was ranked among the top five municipalities for its proximity to suppliers, availability of technical staff, ready to lease commercial spaces at low rents, and wage levels.


Services for entrepreneurs and investors in Berlin

Business Talent Package

Business Talent Package

The Business Talent Package offered by Berlin Partner for Business and Technology is a unique service that helps you to identify and recruit qualified employees.

Business Talent Package