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Berlin offers ideal conditions as an ICT location – Along with a wide variety of IT-related research, there are many user industries located in the capital.

Berlin is one of the leading locations for ICT in Germany, along with Munich, Hamburg and Cologne. 20 of the 30 largest eBusiness firms in Germany have headquarters or offices in the region.

At a glance

  • Roughly 9,700 IT companies with almost 96,000 employees
  • Annual turnover of 13,2 billion euros, growing rapidly
  • The site of large international companies like Telekom, Cisco, Siemens, IBM, Motorola, Oracle, Microsoft, eBay
  • Largest pool of IT and telecommunication professionals in Germany
  • Strong initiatives and networks: SIBB e. V., BITKoM, VATM, Xinnovations
  • Site of the IFA, the world’s largest trade fair for consumer electronics
  • Leading industry meeting place and home of the re:publicaDroidcon
  • Highly concentrated, state-of-the-art telecommunications infrastructure including several data processing centers
  • Access to more than 650 public wireless LAN connections
  • Four universities and eleven institutes of higher education offer a variety of courses of study related to IT, media and communications
  • Close cooperation between science and industry at over 70 research institutions 
  • Attractive funding opportunities and special support programs

(Sources: Berlin Partner Annual Report 2015, SenWTF, IHK Berlin)

Berlin is home of firms with expertise in the following fields

  • Data Management: Smart Data, Big Data, Fast Data, Geo-Data
  • Internet of Things and Services: Cloud Computing, Cloud Capital
  • Mobile Solutions
  • Usability & Design
  • Digital Transformation: Industry 4.0, Smart Living
  • Security with IT / IT security
  • Open IT: Open Data, Open Access, Open Standards

Great potential for the future for Berlin’s ICT sector

Berlin is an ideal location for companies active in Information and Communications Technology (ICT). Indeed, Berlin's digital economy has emerged as a highly important sector in the city's overall economic structure. ICT-related companies make up approximately 4.4 % of Berlin's total turnover. The digital industries also generate an above-average number of startups and provide for some very impressive employment figures. The flourishing startup scene that developed here in Berlin has long since become an object of intense international attention and enthusiasm.

(Source: IBB Investment Bank, Berlin economic activity – January 2016)