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Berlin’s Zukunftsorte - Sites of the future in Berlin

There are 11 places in Berlin where the future is already happening today and where the innovative power of Berlin is made clear. The future is being born from the interplay of science and business.

Taking advantage of synergies is playing an increasing role. Ivory towers and hands-off were the ways of the past; cooperation is the reality of the present and future. That is exactly what the future locations embody. The cooperation of all relevant actors makes these places special. This strong innovative power is supported by Berlin's policymakers. The Senate Department for Economics, Energy and Enterprises promotes this kind of collaboration that is unique in Europe.

Starting with the think tank in the numerous scientific institutions in Berlin, through the support of start-up organizations and incubators, up to technology centres, big-ups and established companies, you will find the right contact person here.

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Berlin’s Zukunftsorte in 2D and 3D

Use our interactive map to learn more about the technological and scientific focus of the Zukunftsorte - in 2D and 3D.

Interactive map Zukunftsorte
Berliner Zukunftsorte
Dr. Julia Neuhaus

Your Contact

Dr. Julia Neuhaus
Head of the business office „Zukunftsorte“
+49 151 23585867

Your Contact

Senate Department for Economics, Energy and Public Enterprises
Mr. Hartmut Riemke 
+49 30 9013-8265

Berlin’s Zukunftsorte