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Berlin’s Zukunftsorte - Sites of the future in Berlin

Berlin benefits from many commercial and industrial sites that have the potential of becoming highly developed locations in coming years.

Berlin boasts a number of inner-city locations that hold tremendous development potential. The city is also home to several locations that stand out as a result of their strong and productive interlinking of science and business. These sites show how much potential Berlin has as a place where tech-savvy, science-oriented companies can turn innovative ideas into marketable products. At the same time, it also points to the many opportunities Berlin has to establish itself as a leading center for modern industries and future technologies.

Berlin's Zukunftsorte at a glance

Interactive tour through the Zukunftsorte, Berlin’s sites of the future

Use our interactive 3D application to learn more about the technological and scientific focus of the individual Zukunftsorte and their highly specialized competencies – visualized using the 3D city model of Berlin.

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Berliner Zukunftsorte

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