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The labor market in Berlin

Companies looking for qualified employees can tap into a deep source of well-qualified specialists in Berlin.

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Why Berlin?

„ImmobilienScout24 began as a small start-up in Berlin more than 15 years ago. We have remained true to the city and have grown up here. As a digital company, we operate in a constantly changing market environment. We are always looking for highly qualified employees and are open to creative input, both of which are available to us in Berlin. We benefit from the diversity and energy of the city, which is the most important hotspot for the digital entrepreneur scene after London, the Silicon Valley and Tel Aviv.“

Christian Gisy
Christian GisyChristian Gisy, CEO and CFO of the Scout24 Group

Berlin's jobs miracle: new records set in 2018

In January 2018, the number of people working as employees rose to 1,476,000, almost 50,000 (+3.5%) more than one year earlier. The digital economy industries added about 10,000 (+13.2%) of these jobs with higher-than-average pay. 

Berlin's population grew by 36,000 people in 2018. The multi-cultural metropolis Berlin is attracting more and more international talent. At the end of 2018, around 748,500 foreign nationals lived in the capital, up from 711,000 a year earlier. Berlin is interesting for everyone: for young university graduates and career starters as well as experienced professionals. Outside Europe, it is the United States that is sending the most young people to Berlin.

(Sources: Das Amt für Statistik Berlin-Brandenburg, 2017; Berlin aktuell der Investitionsbank Berlin (12/2018))

Services for entrepreneurs and investors in Berlin

Labor marketPRICE3.7% Growth rate of employeessubject to social securitycontributions1.5%above national average2%Increase in consumer prices1.6%Real growth in purchasing power8,1%Unemployment rate* Full-time, part-time and marginally employed3,409 €Gross per monthaverage earnings*+3.4%compared to last year(Source: Statistical Office Berlin Brandenburg)
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