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The capital connects Western and Eastern Europe. It is the intersection of European transport routes for the largest economic region in the Western world.

In motion

Trans-European transport routes such as road, rail, aviation and inland shipping cross one another in the capital. The metropolitan region is enhanced by a network of regional and inner-city transport routes. With the new Berlin Brandenburg BER airport and modern design of the motorways, railways and shipping routes, the transport infrastructure in the capital has a secure future.

Why Berlin?

„The S-Bahn is the pulse of local public transport in the capital region. It connects Berlin and Brandenburg and brings hundreds of thousands of commuters to work and back home every day. The colleagues in the driver's cabs, control centres and maintenance workshops ensure that the traffic runs on time and reliably. In 2019, we started to rejuvenate our fleet - with new and completely overhauled trains. That means more space and comfort for our passengers. Your satisfaction is our most important goal.“

Peter Buchner
Peter BuchnerS-Bahn Berlin

Guaranteed supply

Suppliers in the capital offer tailored services to companies to help make their work easier and more successful. In the energy sector as well as the supply and disposal industries, city suppliers support the requirements of each industry with efficient, sustainable services.

Stable communication

The capital promotes competitive business thanks to highly stable communication and broadband cable networks. With its widespread gigabit broadband expansion, Berlin ensures the availability of fibre-optic technology. The excellent telecommunications infrastructure in Berlin will be further enhanced by the addition of the 5G mobile network standard and speeds of up to 1,000 Mbit/s. More than 90 percent of business premises in central locations have coverage.  Many scientific and cultural institutions are connected to the state’s own fibre-optic network through Berlin’s BRAIN science network. Here, speeds of up to 10,000 Mbit/s can be reached.

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Constant security

The organisation of a large city requires ongoing debate when it comes to security matters. This task is overseen by security authorities, city planners and transport companies in Berlin. Prevention experts in the police force, transport company specialists and city planners make life in Berlin safer.