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Industry 4.0

The Berlin-Brandenburg capital region is an outstanding centre for research. Its vibrant high-tech start-up scene offers companies great opportunities especially in this area.

Industry 4.0 involves the complete networking of industrial production using IP-based networks to increase the efficiency and flexibility of enterprises. As a result, it is the #1 topic on the minds of those thinking about the future of industry.

The region is known for being dynamic and creative with outstanding opportunities for networking and renewal. Innovative business models are being developed and tested through the unique interaction of different stakeholders. Research, start-ups, innovative SMEs, and global corporations are all finding Berlin to be a fine place to experiment and break ground for the fourth industrial revolution.

Why Berlin?

„Industry 4.0 is on everyone's lips, but not every company has the experience and expertise to make it happen. At our pilot location in Berlin, we have spent recent years systematically preparing ourselves for the digital age. Manufacturing processes have been automated and we are constantly optimizing the exchange of information and data between humans and machines.“

Ingolf Schröder
Ingolf SchröderSenior Vice President, Global Manufacturing & Quality, OSRAM GmbH

Practical research and networking

Your R&D projects will find the right support in Berlin: four cooperating Fraunhofer Institutes, four major universities, and other post-secondary and research institutions work closely together with the Berlin's industrial companies.

Private and public initiatives connect established companies, the start-up scene, and research working on the topic of Industry 4.0 in Berlin:

Research environment

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Manufacturing Industries in Berlin

Use our interactive industry map to learn more about selected locations and available infrastructure - in 2D and in 3D.

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