As one of the core sectors of Berlin’s industry, mechanical engineering applies the latest technologies and is the world market leader in a number of segments.

Mechanical engineering has deep roots in Berlin and is currently building on the successes of the past. Not only is the city home to the largest lift and escalator manufacturers in Germany, but also many high-performance and innovative SMEs and young, ambitious companies, including many hidden champions, such as Korsch AG and Jonas & Redmann Group GmbH.

The city's traditional combination of science and business has contributed to this success. The companies benefit from the established training of technicians as well as the strong university and research landscape

Why Berlin?

„Berlin: It is a prestigious location for our Chinese parent company and offers many outstanding contacts. Our young engineers find a superb environment full of innovation and inspiration, while HAWE InLine experiences a rich tradition of mechanical engineering that it seeks to emulate.“

Andreas Gonschior
Andreas GonschiorChief Executive HAWE InLine Hydraulik GmbH

Facts and figures at a glance

  • Around 49 mechanical engineering companies (companies > 20 employees)
  • Around 6,850 employees subject to social insurance
  • Roughly € 2.1 billion revenue
  • Export rate of 69.1% (foreign sales as share of total sales, in companies with 20+ employees)
  • Main areas: gas turbine and turbo machinery, lifting and transport devices, pumps and compressors, measurement and control technology and medical technology

(Sources: Federal Statistics Office, State Statistical Office for Berlin-Brandenburg, Federal Employment Office, 2017)

Hardly any other sector can point to a similar intensity of research and development. Berlin companies have disproportionately increased their investment expenditure in recent years compared with the German average. Power converters and electrical equipment for wind turbines, solar power plants, and industrial applications are being developed, built, and marketed in Berlin, as are optical components, modules, and subsystems for telecommunications applications.

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Berlin’s engineering industry

Use our interactive industry map to learn more about selected locations and available infrastructure - in 2D and in 3D.

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Moreover, Berlin’s mechanical engineering firms place their trust in the powerful innovation and creativeness of the young and dynamic startup scene.
Besides startups, development and technology centers belonging to major companies are increasingly coming to Berlin to benefit from the city’s interdisciplinary and international environment.

There are currently around 15,000 students reading mechanical engineering and process engineering in the Berlin-Brandenburg region. Foreign students and academics perceive the German capital as one of the most popular university locations worldwide. The city on the Spree also attracts highly qualified experts – from all-rounders to specialists.

Scientific Environment

Dense network for research and development

Networks, initiatives and associations

Verband Deutscher Maschinen- und Anlagenbau e.V. – German Engineering Federation

The Verband Deutscher Maschinen- und Anlagenbau e.V. – German Engineering Federation (VDMA) represents more than 3,100 predominantly medium-sized companies in the capital goods industry and is thus one of the largest industry associations in Europe. The regional agency in Eastern Germany VDMA Ost is also responsible for the federal state of Berlin. bzw. Landesverband Ost

VDI BV Berlin-Brandenburg e.V.

The Association of German Engineers (VDI) is the voice of engineers and technology. With its almost 150,000 members nationwide, the VDI is Europe’s largest technical-scientific association. The district association Berlin-Brandenburg is one of VDI’s 45 district associations. In its region, it is responsible for the support of roundabout 6,000 members and everyone interested in technology.

profil.metall - Steel and Metalworking Network in Brandenburg and Berlin within the common task “Improvement of regional economic structure” (GRW)

Being a cross-state network, profil.metall has been supporting the profiling of steel and metalworking in Berlin and Brandenburg. The network is funded and coordinated by the IMU-Institute Berlin. profil.metall is based on four regional networks of the metal industry combining more than 100 companies and works closely together with various universities and scientific institutions. The network provides support to its members in terms of establishing contact, penetrating markets, public relations and lobby work, projects (regional and cross-regional cooperation), technology transfer and securing skilled personnel as well as internationalization projects. The companies of the network are developing joint solutions in the fields of lightweight steel construction using new materials, processing technologies involving joining technology and surface treatment, a range of systems in plant manufacturing, tank construction, valve construction and modern energy technology methods.

ME-Network - Network of the Metal and Electrical Industry

The ME-Network is a platform for the information and experience exchange between the companies of the metal and electrical industry in Berlin and Brandenburg. The ME-Network is an initiative of the Association of the Metal and Electrical Industry in Berlin and Brandenburg (VME). It has been initiated in 2007 within the scope of the cluster strategy of the state of Brandenburg.

Association of the Metal and Electrical Industry in Berlin and Brandenburg

The Association of the Metal and Electrical Industry in Berlin and Brandenburg (VME) is the voluntary and solidary consolidation of companies of the largest industry sector in the common economic space Berlin-Brandenburg. Its members belong to the following sectors: automobile industry and manufacture of railway locomotives and rolling stock, mechanical and plant engineering, energy technology, medical technology, electrical engineering and electronics, aerospace industry, metalworking and processing, fine mechanics and photonics.

Technologiekreis Adlershof e.V.

The Technologiekreis Adlershof e.V. is an interest group and advocacy for the technology-oriented enterprises located at the science, business and media location Adlershof.

German Association for Materials Research and Testing (DVM)

The German Association for Materials Research and Testing is putting emphasis on the promotion of cross-sector knowledge transfer in the fields of material science, material and component testing.