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The electronics industry is one of Berlin's most important and largest employers. In addition to major companies, a great many medium-sized industrial enterprises also operate in Berlin.

Berlin’s electrical industry is strongly characterized by environmental and energy technologies. The share of innovative companies in electrical engineering/electronics is higher than in any other segment of the manufacturing sector. Power converters and electrical equipment for wind and solar power plants as well as industry applications are built in Berlin, but optical components, modules and subsystems for telecommunications applications are also being developed, produced and marketed here.

Why Berlin?

„As a mid-sized company, Berlin offers us ideal conditions to develop our innovative products: an outstanding academic community, a multifaceted creative scene and a high-performance industrial sector with a strong international focus.“

Sven Dübbers
Sven DübbersChief Executive Officer Schleicher Electronic Berlin GmbH

Facts and figures at a glance

  • 137 companies with roughly 28,000 employees (based on companies with 20 or more employees)
  • 4.5 billion euros in revenue
  • export share: 65,4
  • the sector with the largest number of employees - compared to employment
  • development and production site for companies producing electronics and microelectronics for optical components, modules and subsystems for telecommunications applications, metrological systems, automation technology and medical technology

(Sources: Federal Statistics Office, State Statistical Office for Berlin-Brandenburg, Federal Employment Office, 2016)

In Berlin electrical engineering/electronics include the sections:

  • electronic components
  • installation devices and systems
  • lighting engineering
  • electrical drives
  • power supplies and switchgears
  • automation (measuring, steering, regulating)
  • consumer electronics
  • data processing
  • Microelectronics (sensors and microsystems technology)

Berlin also has strong potential in electromobility:  numerous companies and research facilities develop and test technologies and applications with commercial future potential in for applied key subjects: storing (smart grid), driving (mobility),charging (infrastructure) and networking (Nexus).

(Source: The Industry in Berlin, Berlin Partner, 2016; Senate Department for Economics, Energy and Public Enterprises, 2016)

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Berlin’s electrical industry

Use our interactive industry map to learn more about selected locations and available infrastructure - in 2D and in 3D.

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Research environment

Dense network for research and development

Networks, initiatives and associations

VDE - Elektrotechnischer Verein (ETV) e.V. District Association Berlin-Brandenburg within VDE

The VDE is one of the large European associations for sectors and professions of electrical engineering and information technology, an international expert platform for science, standardization and product testing – interdisciplinary, closely interwoven and unique in the world. The VDE Elektrotechnischer Verein ETV) e.V. is the district level association for Berlin and Brandenburg within the VDE and can be traced back to the foundation of the first electrotechnical association of the world by Werner von Siemens and Heinrich von Stephan in 1879.

Association of German Engineers, District Association Berlin-Brandenburg

The VDI Association of German Engineers is the spokesperson of engineers and technology. With its 150,000 members nationwide, the VDI is Europe’s largest technical and scientific association. The district association (BV) Berlin-Brandenburg is one of the 45 district associations of VDI. In its region, it is responsible for the support of currently around 6,000 members and everyone interested in technology.

AMA Association for Sensor and Measurement

The AMA Association for Sensor and Measurement is the point of contact and advocacy for everyone dealing with sensor and measurement technology for physical, chemical, climatic and other measured quantities. With its detailed trade directory, the AMA provides an overview of offers in sensors, measurement and testing technologies.

ZVEI - Central Association of the Electrical Engineering and Electronics Industry - Division Berlin

The ZVEI is one of Germany’s most important industry associations. It represents the interests of a high-tech sector with a wide spectrum and a very dynamic product portfolio. The Berlin division of the ZVEI represents the interests and the expertise of companies of the electrical industry in the capital region Berlin-Brandenburg and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern towards regional politics, institutions and organizations.

Technologiekreis Adlershof e.V.

The Technologiekreis Adlershof e.V. is an interest group and advocacy for the technology-oriented enterprises located at the science, business and media location Adlershof. (in German only)

ME-Netzwerk - Network of the Metal and Electrical Industry

The ME-Network is a platform for the information and experience exchange between the companies of the metal and electrical industry in Berlin and Brandenburg. The ME-Network is an initiative of the Association of the Metal and Electrical Industry in Berlin and Brandenburg (VME). It has been initiated in 2007 within the scope of the cluster strategy of the state of Brandenburg. (in German only)

Association of the Metal and Electrical Industry in Berlin and Brandenburg

The Association of the Metal and Electrical Industry in Berlin and Brandenburg (VME) is the voluntary and solidary consolidation of companies of the largest industry sector in the common economic space Berlin-Brandenburg. Its members belong to the following sectors: automobile industry and manufacture of railway locomotives and rolling stock, mechanical and plant engineering, energy technology, medical technology, electrical engineering and electronics, aerospace industry, metalworking and processing, fine mechanics and photonics. (in German only)

Association of Electronic Design (FED)

The FED is a professional association for design, fabrication of printed circuit boards and components. The FED sees its mission and duty in significantly contributing to the competitiveness of the electrical industry by offering professional education and further training, by providing practical IPC guidelines and promoting experience exchange. (in German only)

Berlin Electrical Guild
(Elektro-Innung Berlin)

The Berlin Electrical Guild represents the shared interests of roughly 800 member firms.
The organization belongs to the Central Association of Electrical and Information Technology Contractors in Germany (ZVEH).
In its capacity as employers association, Berlin Electrical Guild is responsible for concluding collective bargaining agreements. It also belongs to the Confederation of Employers and Business Associations of Berlin and Brandenburg (uvb). (in German only)

Federal Union of Electrical Wholesalers
(Bundesverband des Elektro-Großhandels e.V., VEG)

VEG is the professional association for electrical wholesalers in Germany. Its mandate is to protect, advocate and promote the various commercial and non-commercial interests of its members. (in German only)