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3D printing – Additive manufacturing in Berlin

3D printing – one of the key future technologies – increases flexibility and efficiency in companies.

Berlin has great potential for innovation in the area of additive manufacturing. Providers of 3-D printers, scanners, software, and materials are creative startups that are rapidly evolving and growing. These include globally unique developments such as a full-body 3-D scanner and innovative 3-D printers using the 3DMP® process. Innovative software providers for 3-D printing processes are also based in Berlin.

Many manufacturing companies in Berlin are improving their productivity and flexibility as users of 3-D printing technologies.

Why Berlin?

„Berlin is in effect a giant incubator. The city offers a unique network of startups, creatives, and researchers, but also global players who are looking for new trends here. Berlin attracts talents from all over the world. This is crucial for those of us working in design and engineering. As a result, we have people from 20 countries working for us.“

Dr. Stephan Beyer
Dr. Stephan BeyerCEO BigRep GmbH

One of the pioneers in implementing 3-D printing technologies on a comprehensive basis has been Deutsche Bahn, which with its own Berlin-based Mobility goes Additive network is advancing additive manufacturing in the mobility and logistics industry. The network brings together innovation drivers from applied research to industrial applications in the capital region. Together, they will expand strengths and competences in the field of additive manufacturing. This has resulted in a mapping of the entire value-added chain of the 3-D printing process, thus creating an optimal starting point for cross-industry projects.

Another milestone for 3-D printing will be the establishment of a centre for additive manufacturing in the south of Berlin. The Industrial Additive Manufacturing Hub Berlin (IAM Hub) will not only host innovative 3-D printing companies and research institutions, but will also be a test and experimental field with state-of-the-art machinery.

Political support for this technology is reflected by its inclusion in the current Industrial City Berlin 2018-2021 Master Plan. (PDF in German only)

Already held three years in a row, the Additive Manufacturing Forum in Berlin has established itself as one of the most important conferences for industrial 3-D printing in Europe.  Berlin Partner has been a sponsor and supporter of the conference since it started.

Universities and research institutes act as active innovators. Science institutions and universities work closely with Berlin's industrial companies, offering everything from advice on materials to the design and production of prototypes.

Different hubs and labs help start-ups, tech partners, and companies take the initial idea and turn it into a finished product. The 3-D printers, laser cutters, and processing machines needed to manufacture complete components are available here.

The EU, the federal government, and the State of Berlin have recognized the potential of cross-sectional technology and are supporting it with numerous programs and tenders.

Selection of research institutions

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