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Artificial Intelligence

Regarding artificial intelligence, Berlin is no less advanced than the USA and China in terms of technological developments and digital innovation.

More than 65 professors at numerous research institutions, colleges and universities in Berlin work on various fields of application of artificial intelligence. They work with interdisciplinary partners, among others on the development of:

  • speech and image recognition systems
  • learning systems (machine learning)
  • collaborative robots
  • autonomous vehicles
  • innovations in the healthcare industry.

Berlin's growing importance as a center of artificial intelligence is not only evident in science. The region's economy is also benefiting from technological progress.

  • Of the 458 KI-relevant companies in Germany, 28% are located in Berlin-Brandenburg, and the figure is rising.
  • 48% of all German AI start-ups between 2012 and 2017 were founded in Berlin.
  • More than 200 AI companies generate a turnover of almost 0.5 billion euros (8% of the total turnover of the software and data service providers).

The potential of this discipline is far from exhausted: by 2025, the turnover of the AI companies in Berlin-Brandenburg is expected to rise to 2 billion Euro. The companies, 80 percent of which operate in the B2B sector, primarily develop expert systems and language assistants as well as chatbots. In addition to e-commerce applications, the entertainment industry and manufacturing industries, the developments are mainly used in three fields of application:

Business Intelligence & Process Management

Innovations and services that analyze and improve internal processes account for the largest share of the AI companies (36 percent). For example, knowledge-based expert and language systems automate business processes, making them more efficient and transparent. With the help of AI systems, market data is analyzed and evaluated with regard to the expectation of future developments. Other developments simplify personnel recruitment or help to implement marketing activities in a more targeted manner and address customers more effectively by means of data-driven analyses.

Health Intelligence

AI systems from Berlin are not only used to support the internal processes of hospitals, but also for operation planning, diagnostics and data analysis of specific clinical pictures. Apps on fitness and health will be developed as well as chatbots that accompany patients on their healing path: From the diagnosis of the disease to the visit to the doctor and aftercare.

Mobility and City Intelligence

A special focus of the Berlin AI companies is the development of driver assistance systems. In addition to the core areas of autonomous driving, Berlin is also working on AI systems for road maps, apps for pedestrians and augmented reality systems for air traffic.

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Berlin's Ai companies

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