Refinancing loans

Your company may qualify for a range of financing tools from the federal government’s development bank (Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau, KfW) or the development bank for the state of Berlin (Investitionsbank Berlin, IBB).

Characteristics of these financing tools are usually

  • grace periods
  • long terms
  • special interest benefits for SMEs
  • partial release from liability for the credit institute behind the process (financing partner)

This follows the so-called “house bank” principle where companies apply with their usual financing partner which forwards the application then to KfW or IBB. Your first contact in this case is your financing partner, since only he is permitted to apply.

The path to credit

ClientFinancing partnerKfW / IBBApplicationCommitmentApplicationContract

Your financing partner will make a decision about possible credit management and, should you wish, will include a refinancing loan - if possible with a release from liability – in the financing offer.

Applications must be submitted prior to the start of your project. If help is needed, Berlin Partner will support you.

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Business Financing Package

Berlin Partner for Business and Technology offers a unique type of service with the Business Financing Package: We compile the appropriate funding and financing solutions for your company.

Business Financing Package