Loan guarantees

The state of Berlin grants state loan guarantees, and the German government grants federal loan guarantees, in the form of „Ausfallbürgschaften,“ or (default) securities in order to aid the process of receiving loans from the home bank. These loan guarantees are intended to cover possible default risks for the creditor. The formal application must be made with the applicant’s home bank.

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Business Financing Package

With the Business Financing Package Berlin Partner for Business and Technology offers a unique type of service: We compile the suitable funding and financing solutions for you!

Business Financing Package

There must be sound argumentation that the project would not be possible without the loan guarantees. Applications must be submitted before the start of the project, dependent on the future location within Berlin, to:

for a loan guarantee up to 100,000 euros

  • BBB Express: Apply via the online tool with Bürgschaftsbank Berlin-Brandenburg
  • Processing time within 5 working days

for loan guarantee amounts below 1.25 million euros

  • The process for approval is voted upon at the Bürgschaftsbank Berlin-Brandenburg
  • by a committeee once the application has been reviewed
  • The processing time (including committee meeting) normally takes 6-8 weeeks

for a loan guarantee between 1.25 and 5 million euros

  • The IBB Investitionsbank Berlin
  • European Funds for Regional Development (EFRE) financed guarantees are aimed at SMEs from Berlin’s key production branches and production-based services
  • The Senator for Finance decides on the basis of the recommendation of the Landesbürgschaftsausschuss committee in agreement with the Department for Economics.

for a loan guarantee between 5 and 10 million euros

  • The state of Berlin via the IBB Investitionsbank Berlin (investment bank)
  • The Berlin senator for finance decides upon approval based on the recommendation of the state loan guarantee committee in accord with the Senate Department for Economics.
  • The processing time normally takes up to 8 weeks

Support in form of guarantees for plans over 10 million euros is possible in a different application process.