Offices in Germany's Capital

Office market Berlin (rental)

approx. 22.6 Mio. m²
Office space

approx. 530000
Office space turnover 2023

approx. 876000
Office space completion 2024

(Source: Colliers International Deutschland GmbH, Berlin Bürovermietung Investment Infographics 2023)

Berlin offers a wide range of modern office spaces in attractive locations

As a polycentric city, Berlin offers the advantage that in addition to the three central locations of Mitte, City-West and Potsdamer Platz, other office locations exist or are being created.

Office rents in national comparison

€/m² per month, net Berlin Frankfurt Munich
Prime rent 44.50 47.00 48.00
Average rent 29.00 22.80 23.85

(Source: Colliers International Deutschland GmbH, Bürovermietung TOP 7 Deutschland 2023)

City Rankings 2024: Investment and Development Prospects

10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 Barcelona 10 Frankfurt 9 Lisbon 8 Munich 7 Milan 6 Amsterdam 5 Berlin 4 Madrid 3 Paris 2 London 1

In the PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) ranking of the most attractive locations for real estate investors in Europe Berlin is ranked fourth. The ranking is part of the study “Emerging Trends in Real Estate: Europe 2024", for which 1,000 decision-makers from real estate companies, investment managers and other industry experts in Europe were surveyed. Among other things, the future prospects of the cities compared in terms of investment and development are taken into account. According to PwC, Berlin is an attractive location for foreign investors and has been one of the top 4 cities in Europe for over six years. Compared to London and Paris, Berlin benefits from the short commute times to the city center.

(Source: Emerging Trends in Real Estate Europe, City Ranking 2024: Investment and Development Prospects, Urban Land Institute & PwC, 2024)

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