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Berlin’s foreign trade - Made in Berlin

Berlin products are in demand across the globe as never before: In 2017 Berlin-based companies exported goods valued at over 15 billion euros – a new export record!

Berlin exports fell by 2.7% in 2018 compared with the previous year. Companies from Berlin exported goods at a value of €14.42  billion. The main exports of Berlin's economy include, among others, pharmaceutical products, devices for producing electricity, machinery and transport equipment. However, with 11% Berlin has the lowest exporte quota of Germany's federal states. In 2017 Berlin recorded a slight increase in imports, with a volume in 2017 of 13.8 billion euros (2016: €12.1 billion).

Accounting for 12.6% of total Berlin exports, the United States remain the most important target market for products from the German capital, followed by China, France, Italy and the Netherlands. 45.6% of all Berlin exports went to the EU. Berlin's exports to European countries thus increased by 14.2% and by 6.5% in all EU countries. 

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