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Berlin’s foreign trade - Made in Berlin

Berlin products are in demand across the globe as never before: In 2019 Berlin-based companies exported goods valued at over 14 billion euros – a new export record!

Beside ofthe United States,China and Franceit'sSwitzerland, Polandand the Netherlandswho are Berlin's most importantforeign trading partners.SwitzerlandPolandNetherlands

Berlin exports rose by 0.6% in 2019 compared with the previous year. Companies from Berlin exported goods at a value of €14.72  billion in 202 countries. Accounting for 11% of total Berlin exports, the United States remain the most important target market for products from the German capital, followed by China, France, Poland and Switzerland. 41.8% of all Berlin exports went to the EU. Berlin's exports to the Euro zone decreased by 1.6%, but increased by 3% to all EU countries (excluding Great Britain). 

The top exports from Berlin include pharmaceutical products with a share of 14% (€2.1 billion), devices for generating electricity (€1.2 billion), other vehicles (€1.2 billion), medical equipment (€920 million), and machinery (€864 million). In 2019 Berlin recorded an increase in imports, with a volume of 15 billion euros.

International connections

Excellent networking through17 internationalsister cities and other types of cooperationand approximately160 diplomaticrepresentations,international business groups,chambers of commerce andorganizations on site.Wide support network for funding and subsidiesprovided by various institutionsLocated in the heart ofEurope withexcellentinternationalconnections

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