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Berlin a young and cosmopolitan city: 40 percent of the residents are younger than 35

Why Berlin?

Dirk Graber, Managing Director of Mister Spex GmbH

»Yes, Berlin is a good location because we can find many employees with an international background here, and we can also attract native speakers to fill customer service positions.«

Dirk Graber, Managing Director of Mister Spex GmbH

Roughly 40 percent of the approximately 3.7 million residents are younger than 35. With a population increase by more than 40,000 people per year, Berlin’s appeal is unbroken. Berlin is particularly attractive for the population aged 25 to 30. This age group yields the largest population growth at 12 percent, and for more women than men. One of the reasons for this positive trend is the good infrastructure for families in Berlin.

About 190 nations are represented in the capital, including many countries from central and eastern Europe. There is no other place in Germany where as many people live who speak not only English, but also Russian. Almost 2 million residents speak at least two languages.

Berlin also fares well in the ratio of wages and price. While the wage level in the capital is lower on average than in other cities, the inexpensive living costs make it more affordable to live n Berlin than in many other metropolitan areas.