Hermann von Helmholtz Association

The institutes of the Hermann von Helmholtz Association of German Research Centers conduct research in the fields of natural-science and technology as well as biology and medicine. The goal of the research community is to answer major and pressing questions from society, science, and industry.

The Helmholtz Association has 18 research centers throughout Germany, two of which are in Berlin. In addition, three branch offices of the Helmholtz Association are located in Berlin, including a location of the German Aerospace Center (DLR).

Helmholtz Center for Materials and Energy
(Helmholtz Zentrum Berlin für Materialien und Energie - HZB)

  • Researching complex materials that can provide solutions to the challenges of the energy transition, solar cells, solar fuels, thermoelectronics, and spintronics, among others
  • The research approach still relies on thin-layer technologies
  • Over 1,200 (Source: Website HZB, 2022) employees cooperate with more than 400 partner institutions from science and industry
  • 10 Joint Labs with universities in the surrounding area
  • The HZB makes large equipment and infrastructure of the institute – above all the photon source BESSY II – available to researchers from all over the world

Hahn-Meitner-Platz 1
14109 Berlin
+49 30 8062-0

Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine
(Max-Delbrück-Centrum für Molekulare Medizin in der Helmholtz-Gemeinschaft - MDC)

  • Basic research integrated with clinical research in the field of molecular biology;
  • Molecular Medicine: Attempt to understand complex disease patterns such as cancer or high blood pressure in their origin
  • Goal of the MDC: Concrete research results in the fight against diseases
  • Four multidisciplinary research areas: Cardiovascular diseases, cancer, nervous system disorders, and medical systems biology
  • 1,870 employees and visiting scientists (Source: Website MDC, 2022)

Robert-Rössle-Str. 10
13125 Berlin
+49 30 9406-0

Field offices of the Helmholtz Association in Berlin

German Aerospace Center
(Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt e.V. - DLR)

  • Locations: Berlin-Adlershof, DLR-Be­triebs­stät­te Ber­lin-Char­lot­ten­burg, DLR-Bü­ro Ber­lin-Mit­te;
  • DLR has set the focus of its space activities in Berlin (planetary research). Another focus is transport research. And there is also the DLR School Lab.

Rutherfordstr. 2
12489 Berlin
+49 30 67055-0

German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases
(Deutsches Zentrum für Neurodegenerative Erkrankungen - DZNE)

German Cancer Research Center
(Deutsches Konsortium für Translationale Krebsforschung - DKTK)

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