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High-tech on a new level - optics, photonics, microelectronics and quantum technology in the capital region

over 400
over 16,400
over 3.6 bn. €
annual turnover

Key digitization technologies – innovations in photonics enable new developments in other industries in the region.

Why Berlin?

„I think that, with a dense, yet broad research landscape and about 400 SMEs working in these fields, Berlin and Brandenburg will be very well positioned, indeed. The future world market leader for one of these topics could easily come from the capital region. I think that Berlin-Brandenburg is already second or third in optics and photonics, behind Silicon Valley and the Tokyo region. Our international visibility is already quite good, thanks also to the support of Berlin Partner and joint stands at trade shows. These stands have quite a reputation at the fairs and are popular with visitors. They help to achieve a visibility and attractiveness that we couldn't achieve on our own.“

Prof. Dr. rer. Nat. Martin Schell
Prof. Dr. rer. Nat. Martin Schell Fraunhofer Institute for Telecommunications, Heinrich Hertz Institute (HHI) (Fraunhofer-Institut für Nachrichtentechnik, Heinrich-Hertz-Institut)

Foto: © Die Hoffotografen GmbH Berlin

Location advantages

  • Infrastructure and transport connections of the capital
  • Berlin as a magnet for international talent
  • Greatest diversity at universities and research institutions
  • Know-how - synergies in research and development
  • Numerous industry networks simplify access to knowledge and capital
  • Targeted support of the startup community
  • Joint initiatives for workplace-related training and academic training
  • Strong market for growth
  • Berlin-Adlershof - Germany’s largest science and technology park

Berlins's Photonics Cluster

Use our interactive industry map to learn more about selected locations and available infrastructure - in 2D and in 3D.

Interactive Map

(Source of data in illustration: Cluster Report Optics and Photonics, as of 2022)