Make your business global!

Our foreign trade consultants support you in the internationalization of your company and advise you on entering new markets.

Your company will receive ample support in Berlin for all phases of internationalization: whether you are accessing new markets, planning new sales routes for your products and services, opening a foreign subsidiary or searching for international partners.

Berlin Partner for Business and Technology's service for companies in Berlin comprises many aspects of international business. These include the organizational preparation for joint trade show booths, information about EU subsidy programs and the international transfer of technology. Berlin Partner for Business and Technology supports companies in their presentation at trade shows, organizes delegation trips abroad and facilitates the right contacts for international cooperation.

Berlin Partner for Business and Technology offers EU Services for companies, research institutes, and associations in Berlin. These services include consulting and customized solutions for European topics. Berlin Partner for Business and Technology provides information about the European market and assists with information about European subsidy procedures.

The state of Berlin is represented by an economic representation in China. The Berlin Business Liaison Desk in Beijing supports Chinese companies interested in Berlin as well as Berlin companies that want to become active in the Chinese market.

Service for entrepreneurs and investors in Berlin

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Business International Package

The Business International Package helps companies develop global markets and search for international cooperation partners.

Business International Package
Start Alliance Berlin

Start Alliance forms a business network between the most vibrant startup hubs around the globe, supports startups to adapt business models to international requirements and accelerates corporate innovations.