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Innovation service

The industrial city of Berlin today projects an innovative and internationally competitive image.

Modern and effective traditional enterprises, large firms and an array of new mid-sized companies full of expertise and strength in innovation signify Berlin’s industrial variety in cutting-edge technology. An excellent scientific infrastructure offers superb conditions for success and the continued growth of Berlin’s industries.

Services provided by the Innovation service Funding Financing Unit for technology transfer and innovation management (TIM) contribute to the ever-closer integration of the region's significant scientific potential with the economy. Above all, this enables small and mid-sized enterprises (SMEs) to increase their competitiveness.

Services provided

  • The organization and implementation of cooperation forums and workshops on cross-innovation subjects
  • The establishment of contacts between industry and academia
  • The initiation and coordination of R&D collaborative projects
  • The creation of technology assessments and feasibility studies
  • The development of potential analyses and market studies
  • Information for the realization and utilization of intellectual property rights
  • Support for the development of funding opportunities for innovation projects as a contact point for support programs in the region, the federal government and the European Union

Services for entrepreneurs and investors in Berlin

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Business Innovation Package

The Business Innovation Package assists companies and scientific institutions in their search for the right cooperation partners in Berlin and accelerating the technology transfer between science and business.

Business Innovation Package