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Intelligent transport systems - High-tech creates the future

More than 90 companies and 24 research institutes have found optimum conditions in the capital region to develop and test new technologies.

Intelligent transport system solutions have become essential and are key components of modern mobility solutions. They cover a wide range of applications, including driver assistance systems or Car2X technologies for the vehicle, as well as fleet management applications in freight transport, control and information technology for buses and trains, as well as up-to-date public transport management.

Location Advantages

  • Berlin is location of large internationally operating companies and successful medium-sized enterprises
  • Innovative and dynamic startup-scene in the area of mobile applications (apps, etc.)
  • State-of-the-art traffic information and management equipment in Berlin and in the closer interconnected area
  • Excellent test field for trials of new technologies and services with international visibility
  • Excellent research and education landscape due to a variety of top scientific institutions

Companies in the region

  • Established and specialized companies such as Hella Aglaia and IAV develop innovative hardware and software solutions in the capital city.
  • Larger companies, some of which are international, such as Siemens and Bosch Software Innovations have relevant telematics sites here; Toll Collect, which operates the german truck toll system, is headquartered in Berlin.
  • T-Systems operates toll technology and is also involved in connected car and logistic applications.
  • The Berlin offices of the map service, Here, which was acquired by automotive manufacturers Audi, BMW and Daimler in 2015, is involved in developing location-based services, digital maps and navigation services provided by these corporations.
  • One of the leading manufacturers of navigation systems, TomTom, maintains a strong research and development center in Berlin.
  • Long-established and leading companies in the public transport industry such as GSP Sprachtechnologie, IVU Traffic Technologies, PSI Transcom, or Verkehrsautomatisierung Berlin are developing integrated system solutions in the capital.
  • The Center for Experiential Artificial Intelligence and Digitalization (ZE-AI), founded by TU Berlin, is working on the further development of automated and networked vehicles with a focus on “intelligent vehicles”.
  • Passenger and freight operators which use modern intelligent transport systems complete the value chains.
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Intelligent transport system solutions in the capital region

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