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Berlin's manufacturing industries - on course!

As a modern industrial location with a long tradition, Berlin offers attractive conditions for your relocation or expansion.

more than 770
approx. 107200
more than 28 bn. €
annual turnover

The capital's industrial companies form a strong pillar of Berlin's economy. The opportunity to network with the city's vibrant startup scene and top-tier research institutions to jointly drive innovation is often critical for new industrial startups and expansions of companies. Players from Germany and abroad take advantage of Berlin's popularity to establish technology and digitization units with the help of international talent - optimal conditions for innovations "made in Berlin"!

Facts and figures at a glance

  • Gross added value created: €9.3 billion equal to 6.3 % of Berlin's economic output
  • Increase in sales: 2.9 % compared to the previous year to over €28 billion (for companies with 20+ employees)
  • Most important export country: USA
  • Export ratio in %: 56
  • Employees paying social security contributions: for about 107,200 jobs (as of June 2021)
  • Industry with strongest employment figures: Electrical equipment manufacturers
  • Industry with the highest sales: Pharmaceuticals manufacturing

(Source:  Senate Department for Economics, Energy and Public Enterprises, 2023 - data refer to 2021)

The industrial city of Berlin lives from its companies, their networks and synergetic cooperation. For example, traditional industry meets startups from the digital economy. Siemens, for example, has its largest production site in the world in Berlin and is investing in its new mega project "Zukunftspakt – Siemensstadt 2.0", a new campus that will combine production, research, startups and housing.

A Berlin model of success: The I4.0 transformation process 

60% of Berlin's industrial companies are continuously and successfully implementing digitization projects. Thanks to a large number of initiatives and newly created facilities, such as the Digital Networking Performance Center of the four Berlin Fraunhofer Institutes or the Technology Hubs de:hub IOT and Fintech, there is a good basis for successful positioning as an innovation laboratory for important key technologies of Industry 4.0. In addition, other measures of the Industry Master Plan, such as Digital+ at HTW Berlin and internationally active networks such as the 3D printing network Mobility goes Additive (MGA), contribute to the bundling of competencies in the capital region and provide additional points of contact.

A center for industry with a long-standing tradition and a bright future

Thanks to its numerous industrial parks, such as the Adlershofer Technologiepark, EUREF or the CleanTech Business Park the industrial location of Berlin, in addition to several other Zukunftsorten future locations, has a variety of usable settlement areas. These future-oriented locations offer excellent opportunities for dialogue among the industrial companies, startups, and research institutions that are based on the same campuses. Thanks to the easy access to technologies and existing synergies, new incentives for modernising production have recently been created, particularly in traditional sectors such as the machine building, metalworking, and the electrical industries.

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Manufacturing Industries in Berlin

Use our interactive industry map to learn more about selected locations and available infrastructure - in 2D and in 3D.

Interactive Map

(Source of data in illustration: Senate Department for Economics, Energy and Public Enterprises, 2023 - data refer to 2021/*as of June 2021)

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