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Manufacturing Industries

As a modern industrial location with a long tradition, Berlin offers attractive conditions for your relocation or expansion.

The advent of Industrie 4.0 is creating new challenges and opportunities in all sectors. Thanks to its excellent research landscape and vibrant high-tech startup scene, Berlin offers excellent conditions for implementing the networking of industrial production to increase efficiency. The still available land potential for manufacturing companies - especially at Berlin’s locations of the future - creates a competitive advantage over other German cities.

Why Berlin?

„Industrie 4.0 is now a household name, but not every company has experience and expertise in this area. During the last few years, we have systematically prepared a transition into the digital age at our pilot location, Berlin. The manufacturing processes have been automated and we are constantly upgrading the information and data exchange between humans and machines.“

Ingolf Schröder
Ingolf SchröderSenior Vice President Global Manufacturing & Quality der OSRAM GmbH

Facts and figures at a glance

  • More than 700 industrial enterprises with about 108,000 employees (at businesses with 20 employees or more)
  • Almost 25 billion euros in sales (at businesses with 20 employees or more), more than 50% of that from abroad
  • The most important export country for Berlin industry is the United States
  • With a gross added value of more than 10 billion euros, Berlin industries contributed around 9% of Berlin's overall economic output.
  • Real gross value creation grew by 0.6% versus the previous year.
  • Approximately 4,450 ha constructible areas for industrial/commercial use in a prime location; compared to Hamburg, Bremen and Munich, Berlin ranks first in the availability of constructible commercial areas

(Source: Berlin Senate for Economics, Technology and Research, 2017 - data basis from 2016)

Application-oriented research and advanced networking

Your R&D projects will find the right support in Berlin: four cooperating Fraunhofer institutes, four universities, additional colleges and research institutes work closely together with Berlin’s industrial companies.

Private and public initiatives connect established businesses, the startup scene and science in Berlin on all topics revolving around Industrie 4.0:

  • The Berlin Center for Digital Transformation from the four Berlin Fraunhofer Institutes creates an ecosystem for rapidly transferring research results into innovative products.
  • Berlin Partner coordinates the expertise network for Industrie 4.0, which informs companies about the opportunities and requirements while also supporting the development and implementation of individual solutions.
  • The Industry 4.0 Competence Atlas is a transparent tool that helps to locate technology providers and I4.0 experts in the region.
  • The Digital Economy Lab 4.0 from UVB and the SIBB Forum for Industrie 4.0 provide forums for exchange spanning various business sectors on the topic of business applications.

(Source of data in illustration: Senate Departemente for Economics, Energy and Public Enterprises)

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David Hampel

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Manufacturing Industries

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