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Healthcare Potential

The close connection between research, business and healthcare institutions is the big advantage of the healthcare region Berlin.

Charité, Berlin-Buch, Rudolf Virchow, Robert Koch ‒ high-end medicine, renowned clinics and pioneering work of medical research have always been a tradition in Berlin. Thanks to the close cooperation of science and business, research results flow immediately into the practice. The offers range from primary healthcare to high-end medicine, from wellness and prevention measures to rehabilitation after recovering from a disease. Another advantage in the capital region is the range of attractive opportunities for studying and training. The region also has an outstanding international reputation – illustrated by the increase in health tourism.

At a glance

The Berlin-Brandenburg region is home to:

  • excellent basic research
  • distinguished clinical and therapeutic facilities
  • over 130 clinics with more than 35,000 beds
  • more than 70 rehabilitation facilities
  • over 10.000 resident doctors
  • more than 800 nursing homes, over 1,200 nursing services

(Source: Statistical Office for Berlin-Brandenburg)

Warum Berlin?

„The Charité truly drives the health services sector of the Berlin-Brandenburg region. We cooperate with all kinds of enterprises in the industry across the entire value chain spectrum.“

Prof. Dr. Karl Max Einhäupl
Prof. Dr. Karl Max EinhäuplChairman of the Executive Board Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin

All subjects of Germany’s healthcare landscape are represented in the capital region: this includes the demand-oriented distribution of healthcare offerswithin the metropolises just as the sustainable healthcare in remote regions, particularly in regards to the increasing number of elderly people. New cross-sector and integrated concepts of healthcare as well as new technologies such as telemedicine, Ambient Assisted Living and IT based prevention are gaining more and more importance. The capital region is about to become a pioneer in this field.

Leading players in the healthcare sector with headquarters in Berlin

  • Charité – University Hospital – the largest university clinic in Europe
  • Vivantes – largest municipal hospital enterprise in Europe
  • Deutsches Herzzentrum Berlin – worldwide leading in heart transplantations and artificial heart research
  • Trauma Hospital Berlin (UKB)  – rescue and rehabilitation of severely injured from all over Germany
  • Immanuel Diakonie Group – companies in Berlin with 64 different institutions in the fields clinic, rehabilitation, nursing and community health centers (MVZ)
  • Median clinics – one of Germany’s market-leading clinic enterprises in the field of rehabilitation medicine having 62 facilities
  • Robert Koch Institute (RKI)
  • ProCurand – facilities for the elderly at 27 locations throughout Germany
  • RENAFAN Group – an enterprise in the field of nursing providing outpatient care, intensive care, assisted living and an academy
  • Center for Sports Science and Sports Medicine Berlin (CSSB) – interdisciplinary research center for sports and movement
  • Innovation Center Technologies for Health and Foods (IGE) at the TU Berlin
  • Federal Association of the AOK
  • Association of Health Insurance Companies
  • Umbrella association of the BKK
  • IGES – largest consulting company in healthcare
  • SANA
  • DIFE

Model projects in the region

  • Teleradiology cooperation between the Trauma Hospital Berlin (UKB) and clinics in the  surrounding areas;
  • Berliner Projekt - a concept for holistic care and intensive care of people in inpatient nursing facilities;
  • PPZ Berlin, a centre providing support for nursing through innovative technologies;
  • Gemeinsam in Bewegung, promoting movement and health in nursing homes;
  • Elfe, promoting health in daycare centres;
  • GESUND! promoting health among people with learning difficulties;


The capital region strikes with the highest density of institutions of higher education and research facility in Germany. The 300-year-old Charité, Europe’s largest medical faculty, is located here; future professionals in the healthcare industry are trained in more than 208 healthcare-related university courses and more than 60 non-academic occupations. The job and career fair specifically aligned to the healthcare industry takes place here every year.

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The healthcare industries cluster in the capital region

Use our interactive industry map to learn more about selected locations and available infrastructure - in 2D and in 3D.

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