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Digital Health

The digital health city of Berlin brings together innovative startups and scale-ups, renowned technology providers, research excellence and outstanding healthcare.

more than 150

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Scientific institutions

Digital health accelerators and incubators

As Europe’s most attractive area for life science & healthcare, and an important hub of the IT industry with a growing number of IT companies, Berlin is the ideal playing field for digital health innovations. The comprehensive portfolio of companies, research institutes, clinics, care providers, network and government agencies, provides the ideal condition for the development, evaluation and market entry of digital solutions for health & care. 

A top location for digital health research

Digital therapeutics, bioinformatics, artificial intelligence, image and data analysis, or surgical navigation – a multitude or research institutes work on progressing towards a truly personalised and innovative medicine in the capital region.

Why Berlin?

„Berlin is a great place for startup founders in digital health since it is the epicenter of Germany’s political, media and science scene. This makes it easy to get in touch with decision-makers and build networks in order to grow one’s business. Another advantage in order to build a great team is that Berlin is the place to be for talents from all over the world.“

Nora Blum
Nora Blum Co-Founder Selfapy GmbH

The place to be for startups

Startups combine enthusiasm for innovation with digital expertise. They provide new ideas and solutions for the digital future of the healthcare industry. More than 700 startups in the digital health sector have been founded in the German capital region – and the number is increasing every year. They develop mobile apps and wearables that support people with solutions for prevention, early detection, diagnostics, therapy and care. Software solutions for healthcare facilities reduce the documentation effort and make personnel and patient management easier. Cutting-edge technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Distributed Ledger Technology and Big Data are accelerating these new applications.

The following startups and scaleups are based in Berlin:

Home to many incubators, accelerators, networks

The regional startup ecosystem is highly self-organized and offers young pioneers a broad range of events such as meet-ups, bar camps, seed camps and hackathons. Furthermore, increasing numbers of global players and companies based in Berlin are seeking to forge contacts with startups to invent new digital products and methods for the healthcare market. Being the German capital, Berlin also hosts a number of business associations in the field of Health IT.

More than 95 incubators/accelerators and start-up centers, among others in the field of digital health, as well as innovators and investors from all over the world come to Berlin because the future of health and care is being shaped here.

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