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Healthcare industries and life science

The healthcare industry is one of the major economic sectors of the capital region, employing one out of eight Berliners.

Why Berlin?

„In 2008 we very consciously decided in favor of Berlin, because we wanted to be closer to healthcare policy-makers. Moreover, the Berlin-Brandenburg region offers excellent biomedical research - you won't find a similar cluster of research facilities anywhere else in Germany. Having top-ranked research so close at hand is one of the signature features of the region. At the same time, a vibrant, international startup scene is emerging here that we find quite exciting. (...) And of course we also enjoy the city's vitality, international flavor and cultural diversity. Our employees really appreciate that, and we are glad to have found a home here in the heart of the city.“

Peter Albiez
Peter AlbiezCEO at Pfizer Germany GmbH

The about 300 medical technology companies and 230 biotechnology companies, 30 pharmaceuticals manufacturers and more than 130 hospitals of the capital region have made it the premier location for healthcare industries in all of Germany. Approximately 354,000 people work in the Capital region healthcare industry. To name but a few, Bayer AG, Bausch + Lomb, B. Braun Melsungen, Berlin-Chemie, Biotronik, Pfizer and Sanofi all have their registered offices in Berlin.

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The healthcare industries cluster in the capital region (selection)

Use our interactive industry map to learn more about selected locations and available infrastructure - in 2D and in 3D.

Interactive Map

(Source of data in illustration: Senate Departemente for Economics, Energy and Public Enterprises)