Berlin 3D - Download Portal

Since 2009, the Business Location Center in Berlin has been successfully using 3D city models to virtually represent the economic region of Berlin. Until 2018, a building-oriented LoD2 model of Berlin was used for 3D presentations; as of 2019, a 3D mesh model was used which was automatically derived from a survey flight.

As part of the Open Data Initiative of the state of Berlin, the Senate Department for Economic Affairs, Energy and Public Enterprises has made both 3D models available to download for free.

Download portal

In the Berlin 3D download portal, you can download OBJ tiles from the 3D mesh model as well as individual buildings or smaller areas up to 9 km² from the LoD2 model free of charge and in eight different file formats. There, you will also find guidance on the available options and formats.

Berlin 3D - Download Portal

Differences and key figures of the two models


3D mesh model

Building-oriented LoD2 model


Based on a photo flight from August 2020

Initial version 2007-2009, last updated in 2014 based on a photo flight from summer 2013


Textured, comprehensive 3D mesh model without building information

More tan 560,000 textured individual buildings based on ALKIS floor plans with roof structures (LoD2 model)

Original file format

OBJ and skins (tiled)

CityGML and skins


Tile by tile as OBJ per interactive selection in the download portal

By district as CityGML (as a ZIP archive) or per interactive selection in the download portal in various formats

Download the original CityGML files for Berlin’s districts

You can download the original files of the old, building-oriented LoD2 model for the individual districts (CityGML format, skins as ZIP archive) here. Please read and accept our terms and conditions, before you can download the data file:

I have read and agreed with terms and conditions.

To download these data sets, please use the following direct links and choose the districts of interests:

Additional geographic base data such as aerial images, can be found at the Berlin Senate Department for Urban Development.

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