Subsidy-based programs

The most important subsidy-based funding programs in Berlin are:

Before you begin your project, you must complete an application for each subsidy-based funding program.

Berlin Partner for Business and Technology offers comprehensive consulting for your company in determining funding concepts and with the subsequent application for funding.

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Business Financing Package

With the Business Financing Package Berlin Partner for Business and Technology offers a unique type of service: We compile the suitable funding and financing solutions for you!

Business Financing Package

Examination of the eligibility for funding and whether a project is worthy of funding

An independent approval committee from the state of Berlin makes the ultimate decision on the receipt of subsidies. Along with assisting businesses, the focus is on creating new jobs, new products or services, and in particular strengthening the region's economic structure.

In order to be eligible for funding, the intent of the proposal should be sustainable in the three following categories:

Economically sustainable

  • The generation of revenue must be on national dimensions (rather than local/regional).
  • The applicant must be able to add at least 25% of aid-free (own) capital to the investment.

Socially sustainable

  • The company/projects make a positive socio-political contribution in which they create jobs, for example specifically for women or create training spaces, offer the disabled a chance or are able to provide for these goals with their products or services.

Ecologically sustainable

  • Environmental protection and relief are especially adhered to and secured
  • The products or services support the environmental policy goals for the state of Berlin