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Economic development funding and financing

The goal of Berlin's business development policy is to increase the innovative powers and competitiveness of Berlin's economy.

Contacts and sources of funding

Companies have an extensive and effective network of service providers available to them in Berlin. These providers intensively accompany a company in setting up operations in Berlin or expanding a location. Berlin Partner for Business and Technology is a consultant as the central point of contact for companies in all questions regarding funding:

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Business Financing Package

Berlin Partner for Business and Technology offers a unique type of service with the Business Financing Package: We compile the appropriate funding and financing solutions for your company.

Business Financing Package

The Investitionsbank Berlin (IBB) is the most important contact for questions about financing and offers a range of support for start-up funding.

Product finder of the IBB

The product finder can assist in your search for a suitable funding program. You will get a quick overview of funding programs, contacts, checklists and application forms.

Product finder (only available in German)

Programs for funding and financing

Berlin offers attractive funding opportunities for all phases of corporate development from start-ups to financing the next stage of growth. The range of financial incentives ranges from public loans to guarantees and equity capital to direct grants for investment and innovation projects.

Use the Map of subsidy eligibility areas to determine the appropriate business development funding zone of an address in Berlin.

Our partner

Innovationsbank Berlin
Beratung im Showroom des Business Location Centers

Service Packages

We provide individual advice on a wide range of funding concepts and support you in your search for suitable properties and qualified workers.

Service Packages