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With 400 companies and 36 institutions of higher education and research institutes, the Berlin capital region is one of Germany’s most prominent locations for high tech and generates above-average rates for development.

Other sectors also profit from this growing market; key technologies are perfected in Berlin in med-tech and metrology, in communications technologies and also energy technology.

Why Berlin?

"The reason Berlin is such an attractive location for optical technologies is that there is an extraordinarily varied optics research landscape here. That facilitates the development of alliances and networks. [...] Foreign guests of our institute also always stress how much they appreciate Berlin's cultural richness. That is why so many of them return to Berlin to spend more time here."

Prof. Dr. Hans Georg Weber, Fraunhofer Institute for Telecommunications (Fraunhofer-Institut für Nachrichtentechnik, Heinrich-Hertz-Institut)

Location advantages

  • The high concentration of influential players in the sector of photonics creates optimal conditions for the transfer of knowledge
  • A great diversity of universities and research institutions for optics and photonics in Germany with close ties to local industry
  • An array of sector networks ease access to knowledge or capital.
  • R&D synergy: OpTecBB partners have defined projects for developing products for the global market.
  • Joint initiatives for workplace-related training and academic training
  • Strong market for growth
  • Berlin-Adlershof: Germany’s largest science and technology park and one of the country’s most successful high technology locations

Sector networks

  • OpTec BerlinBrandenburg (OpTecBB) e.V.” with its 110 members in the region brings together expertise in optical technologies for the internet, transport and spaceflight, ultraviolet radiation and X-ray technology as well as biomedical optics.
  • Laserverbund Berlin-Brandenburg publicizes laser technology in Berlin-Brandenburg by encouraging cooperation between specialists and researchers in laser research, laser development and laser use
  • OABB, the strategic initiative for ophthalmology, promotes the Berlin-Brandenburg region through the transfer of technology, consolidation and cooperation for  production, R&D and sales.
  • The Innovation Network for Functional Materials (INAM) has taken on the task of developing and deploying customized concepts for organic and molecular electronics, sensors, wearables, lighting, 3D printing, printed electronics and the Internet of Things.

Berlins's photonics cluster

Berlins's photonics cluster

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