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Berlin is a leader in the field of energy technology. The city and its surroundings are among the regions with the highest density of environmental technology companies, research institutions and clean technology workers in Germany.

Berlin's energy technology industry includes the following sectors:

The ca. 6,200 companies in the capital region employ almost 75,000 people and generate a turnover of roughly 17 billion euros. More than 6.4 percent of the employees subject to social insurance contributions in Berlin are developing energy efficient technologies and products or provide energy or environment related services. Thus, Berlin shows an extraordinary high employment rate in the sector compared to other major cities.

(Source: Chamber of Commerce and Industry Berlin, 2013)

Berlin belongs to the regions with the highest concentration of energy technology related companies, research facilities and employees in Germany, ranking right after Bavaria and neck and neck with Hamburg. Berlin is both production location for energy generation and distribution components as well as a research and development location for energy technology issues. There are several renowned power supply companies who provide a wide range of energy services.
The database of German companies involved in environmental technologies and services (Umfis) by the German Chambers of Commerce and Industry with close to 10,500 energy technology companies contains 450 companies from Berlin.

(Source: Innovation Monitor Berlin|Brandenburg; Cluster Board Energy Technology, 2013)