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Interview mit Voicd.FM-Gründer Stefan Zilch


„Stell dir vor, John Lennon hätte einen Podcast gehabt…“
Das Berliner Start-Up Vo!cd.FM ist das erste unabhängige Podcast-Netzwerk speziell für alle Themen zeitgenössischer Popkultur. Mit dem Gründer Stefan Zilch sprechen wir über die Berliner Podcast-Szene.

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United we stand!


Berlins MusicTech-Szene in Zeiten der Coronakrise
Der Ausbruch des Coronavirus veränderte unser Leben innerhalb weniger Wochen grundlegend. Aber Berlin wäre nicht Berlin, würde sich die Kultur- und Gründerszene dieser Stadt nicht mit Kreativität und Einfallsreichtum der neuen Situation stellen.

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A music tech pioneer from Berlin


Ableton - small but exciting
Often labelled a home to creatives, artists, as well as the spirit of freedom and curiosity, it doesn’t come as a surprise that Berlins diverse and exciting electronic music scene has developed its very own, unique character. ...

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Classical music streaming made in Berlin


Interview with music tech startup IDAGIO
Berlin-based music streaming service Idagiohas been turning heads for offering a new way of curating and consuming classical music in a post-CD world. ...

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Events and associations for Berlin music tech


Over the past three decades Berlin has developed into a major European hub for both, music and technology. Berlin based and globally recognized flagships like Ableton, Soundcloud and Native Instruments have shaped the music tech industry for years ...

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Why music tech startups choose Berlin


Berlin’s liberal way of life is probably one of the reasons why talents from all over the world settle in the German capital. We talked to three innovative Berlin-based music tech companies and asked why they chose Berlin as their business location. ...

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MusicTech capital Berlin - City with a beat


The fall of the Berlin Wall on November 9, 1989 not only reunited two long-separated countries, it also shifted Berlin’s narrative from the divided city to the city of freedom. In the 1990s, the city’s unique circumstances turned out to be fertile ground for a young electronic music scene. ...

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