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Some consider it to be the capital of startups and creative people, for others, it is a multicultural metropolis with a high leisure and entertainment value – welcome to Berlin!

With a population increase by roughly 40,000 people per year, Berlin’s appeal is unbroken. Especially the young people between 18 and 30 tend to move to the German capital.

As the business development corporation of the state, we provide assistance in recruitment on the one hand and help the new coming professionals and managers establishing themselves in Berlin on the other. The help starts with introductory tours and is continued by our starter kits. This welcome package is supplemented by concrete benefits for new talents.

At a first glance, Berlin appears to be vast to many newcomers. However, the life of many Berliners happens only in a small part of their city – their “kiez” as the neighborhoods are called here. What do new Berliners have to consider when moving to Berlin? Where do I have to register, how can I apply for a residence permit, where do I find appropriate child care services? This offer provides a first overview.

Information for German citizens
Information for citizens from the EU and the EEA states
Information for non-EU citizens ("third country nationals")

Welcome Tour

In addition, regular bus tours are provided (once a month) informing about subjects related to living in Berlin. These bus tours are free of charge. They generically guide through Berlin’s neighborhoods to show right on the spot which kinds of living opportunities are available in Berlin and what structures the neighborhoods are characterized by. The bus tours are conducted by competent guides who present Berlin specifically to the target group of new coming professionals and managers.

Welcome to Berlin! Introductory tours by Berlin Partner


We are glad that you have chosen Berlin! Berlin Partner would like to invite you and your company to take part on a welcome tour that will extend beyond the city’s typical tourist attractions. The tour particularly emphasizes the aspects of working and living in the city.

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