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Family friendly child care hours, day care for all and diverse opportunities for recreation - Berlin is child and family friendly.

With more than 2,000 day care centers, a comprehensive selection of child care options and universal all day primary schools, Berlin is a leader within Germany in the area of child care. In Berlin, children under the age of three also have access to day care outside the home. Beginning in 2011, the last three years of day care before entering school will be free for all Berlin children - Berlin sets the benchmark!


Parks with modern playgrounds, pools and beaches on the lakefronts, two zoos and tons of entertainment and vacation options make for plenty of fun for the whole family. Outstanding social welfare infrastructure, direct access to nature and recreation areas and an excellent transportation system guarantee a high quality of life. Whether you are heading downtown or out to the country, the highly developed public transportation network will get you there quickly and economically.

Advocacy for Families

In Berlin, district-level alliances and the citywide Berlin Alliance for Families (Berliner Bündnis für Familie) advocate for a child and family friendly city. Many of the district community centers have created programs directed at young families, youth and the elderly. These are augmented by a diverse array of parent and family education courses and family and youth assistance programs. Non-profit institutions and charities as well as private commercial providers offer comprehensive support services. The diverse non-profit and charity landscape provides services that are tailored to every segment of the population.