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Consulting and financing for entrepreneurs

More people in Berlin start their own businesses than in any other German state.

More people in Berlin start their own businesses than in any other German state. In order to master organizational and legal hurdles when founding a business, business startups in Berlin have access to a comprehensive information and consulting service from the public sector.

A strong team, the necessary capital, and the right situation are important criteria for new startups: Berlin’s economic development corporation Berlin Partner for Business and Technology helps with both issues. The Investitionsbank Berlin is the most important contact for questions about financing and offers a range of support for startup funding.

In addition, there are numerous technology centers and business incubators in Berlin offering comprehensive consulting services, starting with the choice of the right location to appropriate financing models up to establishing valuable contacts.

Consulting services

The startup portal for Berlin: Gründen in Berlin
The startup portal provides information, consulting and events for entrepreneurs in all phases of the startup process. It is provided by the Senate Department for Economics, Technology and Research, the Berlin Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Handwerkskammer Berlin and the Investitionsbank Berlin.

StarterCenter Berlin
The StarterCenter supports budding entrepreneurs in their startup business. Based on you and your business idea, the team will give you important tips and suggestions for planning your company. Of course, there are also contact persons in various specialized fields who would be happy to answer industry-related questions.
The StarterCenter Berlin is a joint project from the Handwerkskammer Berlin and the Berlin Chamber of Commerce and Industry, with support from the Senate Department for Economics, Technology and Research.
Starting a Business in Berlin

Funding and financing

Berlin Partner for Business and Technology
Berlin Partner supports startups in the search for the right employees and the right job, advises on the available funding, and provides support during the application process. Together with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Berlin Partner offers the Business Immigration Service which helps with applying for entry and work permits for foreign professionals. Berlin Partner also provides assistance when internationalization of a company is concerned.

Investitionsbank Berlin
The Investitionsbank Berlin supports entrepreneurs with subsidy programs for human and material services, customized loans and with non-monetary funding means. "Berlin Start" is the most important funding program offered by the IBB to business startups and new companies. It doesn’t matter whether the startups are in the manufacturing industry, in commerce, or in other service industries, or even if they come from the freelance area. | Starting up with IBB

BBB Bürgschaftsbank zu Berlin-Brandenburg
The BBB Bürgschaftsbank zu Berlin-Brandenburg supports entrepreneurs in their plans to realize their ideas by providing guarantees for obtaining loans, credits for operational equipment and guarantees for employee participation. (in German only)

German government funding database
The German government’s funding database provides a comprehensive overview of the federal, state and European Union funding programs for entrepreneurs.

Federal Employment Office - Bundesagentur für Arbeit
The Federal Employment Office provides information about opening a new business and subsidies (Gründungszuschuss). (in German only)